13 Best Examples of Lori Beds in Guest Room Design

13 Best Examples of Lori Beds in Guest Room Design

From chic home offices to a fun playroom for the grandkids, here are 13 inspired ways real Lori Bed customers used a Murphy bed to transform their guest bedrooms. 
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Murphy bed owners know how important form and function are in great interior design. Fold-away bed frames make it easy to customize rooms to unlock maximum potential. With a little imagination, a bonus space or an underused guest bedroom can unlock so much more than meets the eye.  

Why let a room go underused when it can be enjoyed year-round? This is often the case with spare bedrooms. According to a recent survey from the home design website Houzz, an overwhelming majority of homeowners only hosted overnight guests a handful of times a year.  

That is not a great return on investment, which makes a strong case for designing your guest room to serve multiple purposes.  

lori bed customers are changing the way they view underused guest rooms by installing a Murphy bed. From chic home offices to a fun playroom for the grandkids, here are 13 inspired ways real lori bed customers used a Murphy bed to transform their guest bedrooms. 

A Game Changing Design 

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Dee from Arizona was searching for the perfect solution for turning her extra bedroom into a multi-use space without compromising her design aesthetic. She found what she was looking for in the lori bed.  

“It was relatively easy to assemble and took a few hours to complete with two people,” Dee said. “The materials are high-quality. We’re thrilled to have found this piece and hope to have it for the long haul.” 

Dee opted for the unfinished lori bed frame and plans to eventually paint or stain it to match her exact style once she moves out of her apartment and into her forever home. 

Room For Everyone  

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What’s better than having a vacation home? Having a five-bedroom vacation home. At least that’s the case for Steven Currieo in Florida. His family needed a fifth bedroom to comfortably accommodate his large family in their new beach vacation home.  

“We needed a fifth bedroom and we had an 8x10-foot office that we cleared out and then added a full-size Lori bed,” he said. “Turned out great! The instructions were easy to follow and we built it in a day.” 

The one hang-up was getting the safety clips to align. It was an important concern considering his 10 small grandchildren would be around the Murphy bed.  

“We called Lori Beds and they sent a fold over hinged bracket that we could easily secure over the top front of the bed solving our problem,” Steven said. “It arrived in less than a week and without charge. The bed looks great as you can see and we couldn’t be happier.” 

A Better Office Space  

From chic home offices to a fun playroom for the grandkids, here are 13 inspired ways real lori bed customers used a Murphy bed to transform their guest bedrooms.

Spending more time working from home requires a home office with room to move. Lisa from Tennessee needed her guest room to double as an office. She found the perfect space-saving solution with the lori bed. 

“[I] was a little worried this would become an overwhelming puzzle but my husband and I had it assembled in about 3.5 hours,” she said. “Our guests love it and I love having the space back in my office!” 

From the looks of the photo that Lisa snapped of her Lori Bed, her pup is loving the space too.  

The Perfect Room for Guests   

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Timing is everything. Danielle Blakemore of Indiana and her husband transformed their guest bedroom in one evening by installing a lori bed. The quick and easy experience was a highlight for Danielle.  

“The quality is wonderful and customer service was quick and helpful when we had questions,” Danielle said. “The instructions are very clear to understand and the assembly video made the process a breeze. Absolutely recommend!”  

Fun for All Ages   

From chic home offices to a fun playroom for the grandkids, here are 13 inspired ways real lori bed customers used a Murphy bed to transform their guest bedrooms.

Purchasing a lori bed was a gold star decision for grandma Deborah Bobo. She bought her Murphy bed to maximize floor space in a small bedroom so her grandchildren had more room to play. It was a huge success.   

“They can’t wait to sleep over now,” she said. “[We’re] still finishing up with the painting, but we added some LED lights to the inside and we are adding an additional hasp at the top of the bed so that it won’t be difficult for them to open it without an adult.” 

Small Office, Big Design  

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Margie Phillips in Wisconsin knows how to make a lot of out a little. Her cozy home needed an office and a spare bedroom. So, she got creative and turned one space into two with a lori bed.  

“We were very impressed with the solid quality of the wood,” Margie said. “Construction was straight forward. Queen size mattress fits great!” 

Margie customized her unfinished lori bed, painting it a crisp white color and adding ornamental artwork, vases, and figurines.  

Easy Transformation  

From chic home offices to a fun playroom for the grandkids, here are 13 inspired ways real lori bed customers used a Murphy bed to transform their guest bedrooms. 

T Pacitti and his wife did a lot of research before deciding on a lori bed. They didn’t have frequent overnight guests but didn’t want to lose the opportunity to host when the occasion arose.  

The couple was sold on the fact that Lori Beds don’t have cumbersome metal lifting mechanisms. Unlike traditional Murphy beds, the lori bed can be easily lifted and lowered without a spring mechanism. This makes it simpler to install.  

“My wife saw this one online, it looked great,” he said. “The directions are so easy to follow, anyone can put this together easily in one day. I would recommend this bed to anyone looking for a murphy bed.” 

The lori bed allowed the Georgia-based couple to use their guest room for other activities when they don't have any guests. 

A Perfect Solution for an Unexpected Work from Home Setup  

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A new career opportunity meant a new working situation for Daniel Teti in Ohio.  

“We moved into a new house at the end of last year and soon thereafter had an unexpected (but very welcomed) new career offer that required an additional home office,” he explained. “The Lori Bed was the perfect solution for taking what we had originally planned as a guest bedroom and turning into an office that can also covert to a guest bedroom whenever needed.” 

The Teti family made their lori bed their own by adding chrome hooks for additional storage on the lower shelves.  

From Underused to Overjoyed  

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Jenny Jungmann in Texas had big plans for her small guest room. She wanted the space to be a comfortable place for guests to spend the night while also serving as her home office and a personal gym.  

“My new lori bed is perfect for my new Gym/Office/Guest room space,” she said. “It’s very comfortable as a bed and very functional when it’s up. It's also very sturdy and well built. I put it together by myself!” 

 Fit for a Queen  

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Having one space that serves multiple purposes is a distinct advantage of installing a Murphy bed. Jenny Giller in Arizona was looking to add a guest room option to her small home office when she found Lori Beds.  

With the help of a partner and the free assembly video on the Lori Beds YouTube channel, Jenny installed her queen-size model without any trouble.  

“Once assembled it also looked great, exactly as show on their site,” she said. “Very sturdy, but definitely attached to the wall. Overall, highly recommended.” 

The Wow Factor  

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Janelle Lenart was looking to make the most of a small space in her California home. When the pandemic swept the nation, she wanted her home to feel more welcoming and open than ever. 

Plus, she needed a dedicated work-from-home space. Lori Beds provided the best of all worlds.  

“This bed is absolutely beautiful,” she said. “[It] made a third room into my office due to Covid. I thoroughly researched wall beds and the Lori bed is absolutely the best.” 

Great Space Solution  

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Joyce Cantrell knew that her small third bedroom wasn’t living up to its potential. Joyce and her husband wanted the space to be well lived in, which is why they installed a lori bed.  

“We liked the idea of a bed when needed and a bookcase the rest of the time,” Joyce said. “[It’s a great addition to the room and perfect for when the kids visit.” 

Best of all, the couple was able to assemble their wall bed easily in just a couple of hours.  

Pandemic Office Saver 

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Working from home wasn’t something most folks planned on in beginning of 2020. A flexible work schedule also required a flexible work-from-home space for Erika and her family in Wisconsin. 

“We got this bed to help with the fact that our guest room became my office during the pandemic,” she said. “It was very distressing. This bed has made all the difference. It allowed us to have versatility and the room is now multi-purpose.” 

These guest bedrooms are proof that a lori bed is as much about showcasing your personality as it is about maximizing function. We hope these guest bedrooms provide some refreshing Murphy bed design inspiration for you!