Design the Ultimate Home Gym with a Murphy Bed

Design the Ultimate Home Gym with a Murphy Bed

Having a home gym is a luxury that’s within reach. Maximizing an underused space by installing a Murphy bed will have you well on your way to achieving your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home.

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Going to the gym can feel like a chore. By the time you hop in the car, wait in line for the treadmill, shower off, and drive back home, the hour you dedicated to your fitness routine was mostly wasted on commuting and other tasks that didn’t involve actually working out.  

If a lack of time gets in the way of your workouts, you’re not alone. A recent survey found that a lack of time and a lack of confidence are the two main reasons that people give for skipping the gym. A home gym can solve both problems. An at-home workout space makes it easier to find time and dedicate more time to a work while providing privacy. 

There are so many benefits to having a designated at-home fitness space — easy access to exercise equipment at all hours of the day and night, being just one. Home gyms save time and money, plus there is no line for the equipment. 

Having a home gym sounds like a luxury that might even require adding a whole other room to your home. But turning an unused space like a guest bedroom is not out of reach, nor does it require a renovation.  

Fold-away Murphy beds make it easy to customize rooms and unlock maximum potential. Installing a Murphy bed allows an underused space to perform double duty as home gyms, play rooms, movie theaters, and more.  

Lori Bed customers are making the most of their underused rooms by transforming them into home gyms. Here are 12 design to inspire your home gym.  

A Whole New Space 

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Peloton bikes are the hottest at-home fitness equipment. The motivational instructors have elevated the classic stationary bike to whole new levels. At 4 feet by 2 feet long, the bike can be too large to fit in the average size guest room with a traditional bed frame.  

To have the best of both worlds, Evan Hall in Alaska purchased a fold-away Lori Bed.  

“We have successfully converted our guest room to a fully functional guest room/Peloton space,” Evan said. “I couldn't be happier with the Lori Bed and the space it has given us. It is like we have a whole new room in our home.” 

A Flexible Workout Room  

wall bed home gym 

Mel in Texas wanted more for an underused guest room without losing the ability to sleep an overnight comfortably. The solution: a Lori Bed.  

The fold away bed provided enough floor space to store weighs, kettle bells, and a workout bench. Plus, the Lori Bed’s exterior shelves were the spot to hold a television and a yoga mat.  

Reaching for More 

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Another Pelton fan, Maria Lucas from Illinois wanted room for more activity in her underused guest room. Not only did she need the space for overnight guests, she also needed a dedicated office space as well as a home workout hub.  

“We purchased the horizontal wall bed for our guest room so we would have more room for an office and gym, Maria said. “The assembly was easy, the [assembly] video is worth the weight of the bed in gold! Great product!” 

Maria now has a home for her Pelton, plus she used the Lori Bed’s shelving as storage for towels, a yoga mat, and other fitness equipment.  

Dance it Out  

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While shopping for a fold-away bed, Jenn Collins of Virginia found what she was looking for in the Lori Bed.  

“I was intrigued by its dual purpose — a bed when down and a decorative shelf when up, she said. “I read through pages upon pages of reviews. After seeing how many positive things people were saying, I figured we couldn't go wrong.” 

Jenn converted her guest room into a dance studio for her talented daughter who was practicing her dance moves at home during the pandemic.  

“I didn't want to lose the space for when guests visited,” Jenn said. “This wall bed was the perfect answer. It doesn't take up a lot of space in the room and the shelves can hold her iPad when having rehearsal via Zoom.” 

A Fully Customized Workout Space 

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Having a guest room that serves multiple purposes is just one of the perks of installing a Lori Bed. Ryan from Georgia needed ample space for a bed, a stationary bike, yoga mats, and other equipment in his multipurpose guest room.  

The fold-away Lori Bed gave him the floor space he needed for his workouts, plus he customized the shelving with hooks to hang and store additional equipment and his workout shoes.  

A Small but Mighty Home Gym  

white murphy bed  

You don’t need a big space to have an effective workout. Eva transformed her modest guest room into an office/workout/guest room with a twin Lori Bed.  

“We had a twin daybed in there before and wanted something that took up less room as we don't get a lot of company,” Eva said. “While he was putting it together, my husband kept commenting on the quality of the wood and how well everything fit together! It is perfect for our small office/workout/guest room.” 

Eva and her husband ordered the unfinished wood model and whitewashed their Lori Bed to match the light, airy feel of the room.  

Fitting in Fitness  

wall bed home gym dog 

Out with the old and in with the new. To make the most of her underused guest room Erin Salamon from Texas ditched her traditional queen bed for a versatile Lori Bed. The room is now a functional guest bedroom, office space, workout room, and a comfortable place for her pup to unwind.  

“The Lori Bed is awesome! It’s the perfect fit for my guest room/office/exercise room,” she said. The only issue I had was when my dogs realized they lost their queen size dog bed while I worked!” 

Home Gym Solution 

lori wall bed home gym guest room 

Jenny has an eye for creative design. A Murphy bed is always a statement piece but she really captured eye-catching function and form with the clever padded tile flooring in her workout/guest room.  

“It really solved our problem of wanting a guest room and also an indoor home gym in our tiny extra bedroom,” Jenny said. “When the bed is folded up, it has perfect shelving to make it feel like a built in and not a bulky bed on the wall.”  

Game Changing Equipment  

lori wall bed home gym  

Dee in Arizona didn’t want to sacrifice style to have a functional fitness space. Luckily, she didn’t have to forego her aesthetic to get in a great workout.  

“The Lori Bed has been the perfect solution for turning our extra bedroom into a multi-use space (office, gym, guest bedroom) without compromising our design,” Dee said. “The materials are high-quality. We went with the unfinished version with plans to eventually paint or stain it once we are in our forever home (apartment life for now). We’re thrilled to have found this piece and hope to have it for the long haul.” 

Workout Time, Anytime  

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LK in Florida had been wanting to get a Murphy bed for a couple years, but struggled with the expense of purchasing a traditional Murphy bed.  

The Lori Bed was a quality option that ended his years-long search, which finally allowed him to convert a sometimes-guest bedroom into a full-time home gym.   

"I am irrationally happy that it can store inside the cabinet with the bed,” LK said. “I’m pleased to better utilize this space!” 

A Gym She Can’t Wait to Use   

home gym home office guest room

Having a gym is one thing. Being excited to use it is next-level.  

Ellen Henderson-Madhavan in Maryland didn’t want to leave any spare space in her small home under used. She installed a Lori Bed to transform an unused bedroom into a home office/gym that she can’t wait to spend time in.  

“It looks terrific,” Ellen said. “I am so pleased we have it. We can always use the room!” 

The Perfect Form 

home gym wall bed murphy bed 

This home gym in California is a show stopper. Austin Major used his queen-size Lori Bed to elevate a spare room into a home gym that epitomizes design form and function. 

“It’s the perfect fit for our converted home gym,” Austin said.  

Excuse Proof Fitness 

home gym with exercise bike  

Getting to the gym can be hard. It is especially hard to get there when the gym is closed for the foreseeable future. Benjamin did not want to put his fitness goals on hold during lockdown. Instead, he made the most of a small space with a Lori Bed that saved him money and from an excuse to skip a workout.  

“[Lori Beds is the] only wall bed out there where you can get solid wood,” Benjamin said. “[It was] fun to assemble, and looks great once complete. Gave us all the space we needed for a home gym to power through shelter in place!” 

Having a home gym is a luxury that’s within reach. Maximizing an underused space by installing a Murphy bed will have you well on your way to achieving your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home.