Assembling the Lori Bed

Watch our detailed tutorial of the Lori Bed assembly process below.

For specific content related to where you need help the most, here is a timecode of specific steps in the process within the video above:

  1. Tools needed - 1:04
  2. Overview of Connectors - 2:05
  3. Mattress Platform Assembly - 4:15
  4. Locking Mechanism - 10:23
  5. Wall Cabinet Assembly - 11:34
  6. Hinge Plate Install - 13:42
  7. Anchoring to the wall - 15:40
  8. Lifting The Bed Into Place - 17:18

Assembly Process

To complete the Lori Bed assembly, you will only need a screwdriver, rubber mallet, wrench, stud-finder, and a common drill to mount the Murphy bed cabinet to the wall.

Assembly Instructions

Click below to download the assembly instructions PDF for the selected Lori Bed.

Queen Vertical Murphy Bed

Download Instructions