Best Reviewed Wall Beds of 2021: Lori Beds

Best Reviewed Wall Beds of 2021: Lori Beds

Best Reviewed Wall Beds of 2021: Lori Beds

It is no secret that New York City real estate comes at premium. High prices and small square-footage define the property market in one of the greatest cities in the world to reside.  

This is one of the reasons Murphy beds have long been a go-to space-saver for owners or renters of New York City apartments that are tight on space, and wall beds have been staging a comeback lately, according to premiere New York City Real Estate publication Brick Underground. 

“There was once a time when these hideaway sleepers were saddled with downsides—namely, being cumbersome and uncomfortable,” journalist Evelyn Battaglia wrote in the piece for Brick Underground. “Today, Murphy beds, commonly known as wall beds or transforming/convertible furniture, have been completely modernized.” 

Unlike the traditional Murphy bed, the modern Lori Bed has no mechanical aids for lifting and lowering the platform because old-school metal spring mechanisms are cumbersome, expensive and aren’t needed for a wall bed to lift. 

Instead of using the force of springs or pistons, the Lori Bed can be lifted and lowered by hand using your and your lifting partner's strength. It is a clever, yet simple system that’s less expensive than traditional models.   

It’s one of the reasons, Brick Underground recently listed Lori Beds number one on its list of “The Best Wall Beds for New Yorkers, From Budget to High End.” 

“The flat-pack kit will be delivered to your door and require assembly using their step-by-step video and a basic power drill. All pieces are 100 percent real wood, not MDF [Medium Density Fibreboard commonly called particle board]. 

Plus, for every bed bought the company plants 10 trees in deforested areas across the world,” Battaglia continued in the article.  

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Brick Underground is not alone in its recommendation of Lori Beds, and you certainly don’t need to be a New York City apartment dweller to reap the benefits.  

Sleep-related research publication Tuck Sleep awarded Lori Beds the Best Overall Murphy Bed in 2020, but it’s the verified customer recommendations and their experiences with the Lori Bed that really shine.  

“I was looking for a way to make my extra room into a cozy place for company to sleep but I also need the room for yoga classes and work outs,” wrote Lori Bed customer Tina Nieri from Arizona. “This bed fit every one of my expectations.” 

It can be a challenge to determine if a product is the right fit without seeing in a store up close before you swipe your credit card. Seeing is believing. But a recommendation from a friend is the next best bet. When you’re in the market for something new, asking around for tried-and-tested suggestions is practically second nature.  

Word-of-mouth is a great way to narrow down you search, which is among the reasons why online reviews — good or bad — serve as a valuable guide post for shoppers. If you’ve ever looked up a product review before making a purchase, you are certainly not alone. 

Today, a whopping 97% of consumers consult product reviews before making purchase decisions, up from 95% in 2014, according to a recent study. Of those shoppers, more than a quarter consult reviews for every single purchase they make online. 

These reviews are especially helpful when you’re new to the product you're searching for entirely. 

This is oftentimes the case when shoppers are in the market for a Murphy bed. Many people who have only seen wall beds depicted in movies or on television, turned to online reviews to help them gain a clearer understanding of how they work in real life. This is how customer Richard Pendley, of Arkansas, came to discover the Lori Bed.  

“We needed a guest bed in our small room that is now used as an office. I saw Lori Beds online and it seemed like the best solution to our problem,” Richard wrote. “We finally ordered it and it took about 4 hours to put together. The video was a great help! The bed is really good quality and sturdy. We are very happy.” 

High-quality materials and simple assembly are among the top reasons Lori Beds consistently receives 5-star reviews.  

For more than a decade, the ready-to-install Lori Bed has served more than 10,000 satisfied customers who sing the praises of the company’s fold-away Murphy bed.