Are Murphy Beds Standard Size? A Wall Bed Buyers Guide

Are Murphy Beds Standard Size? A Wall Bed Buyers Guide

Are Murphy Beds Standard Size? A Wall Bed Buyers Guide.
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queen size murphy bed

Choosing a bed that is the right fit for your home is a big decision. Of course, aesthetics are a factor, but ultimately the decision will come down to functionality.  

One of the most frequently asked questions about Murphy beds comes down to sizing. The good news is that these multifunctional sleepers fit perfectly into most standard-size rooms that you want to maximize for space.  

A go-to for studio apartments where living space comes at a premium, Murphy beds have long been used to transform underused spaces into playrooms, home fitness centers, art studios, or even walk-in closets.  

If you’re wondering how a Murphy bed measures up to traditional bed frames, this guide answers the most frequently asked questions about Murphy bed dimensions and installation considerations.  

Murphy Bed Height & Orientation  

queen murphy bed

(Lori Bed: Queen/Full Vertical) 

 Before we jump right into comparing standard height and width dimensions, it's important to note that Murphy beds are available in different orientations. This is important because you’ll need to factor in the height when you’re making a selection.  

There are two popular orientation options for wall beds: vertical and horizontal. While one orientation isn’t better or worse than the other, selecting the right frame will better complement the design and function of your room.  

Vertical Murphy beds are slightly taller than horizontal models. Lori Beds’ twin size vertical model is 78" high in the upright position and 10” high in the open position. The full/queen size vertical model 83" high in the upright position and 10” high in the open position. 

Horizontal models are wider and shorter than their vertical counterparts. They are better suited for smaller spaces with lower ceiling height. Lori Beds’ twin size horizontal model is 45" high in the upright position and 10” high in the open position. The full/queen size horizontal model is 64" high in the upright position and 10” high in the open position. 

Before making a decision, spend some time drawing up a plan to check proportions. Being crystal clear on the measurements will help you determine if you should select a vertical or horizontal wall bed model.   

Outline where your Murphy bed would be positioned in relation to other furniture items, as well as the room’s length and width or any unusual corners or angles. Also take note of often-overlooked elements of the space, including the location of windows and electrical outlets, the way the door swings, and if there are baseboards or crown molding.  

How Wide is a Murphy Bed?   queen murphy bed

(Lori Bed: Queen/Full Horizontal)  

Regardless of whether you choose a traditional bed frame or a Lori Bed, a standard size mattress will fit its width.  

A standard twin bed frame typically measures 44 to 45 inches wide and a twin Lori Bed vertical model is 45" wide. A standard queen size bed measures 60 inches wide and a queen size Lori Bed vertical model is 64" wide.  

The Lori Bed Queen horizontal model is 84" wide. It fits both standard queen and a full size mattresses. The Queen Murphy bed is a popular choice for Lori Bed customers. One reason is because Queen/Full Murphy bed model gives you room to grow.  

The frame can accommodate both a full-size and queen-size mattress, making it easy to upgrade when the time is right. 

How Deep is a Murphy Bed?  Lori Wall Bed: Twin Vertical

(Lori Bed: Twin Vertical) 

 The depth of each Murphy bed cabinet can accommodate a specific maximum mattress thickness, which is listed in a product description.  

The Lori Bed can accommodate any mattress that is 12 inches tall (a relatively thick mattress) or less.   

(Lori Wall Bed: Twin Horizontal)

(Lori Bed: Twin Horizontal) 

These mattress sizes are readily available on the market and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the right fit. In fact, a normal thickness ranges from 9 to 12 inches.

Retailers like Amazon, Overstock and Walmart all offer a variety of options — though Lori Beds recommends steering clear of memory foam and any mattress weighing more than 100 pounds, as the bed will become heavier to lift. Your best bet is to find a queen mattress that weighs less than 80 pounds. 

Keep in mind that you’ll also be storing linens and possibly pillows, which may increase the thickness of your mattress by an inch or two. 

Can a Murphy Bed Fit in a Closet?  murphy bed closet

Murphy beds are often sold with built-in cabinetry, you could fit a mattress upright in a closet as long as it is about 6-7ft tall and 1-3ft deep, depending on the size of your mattress, according to Go Downsize 

Creative Lori Bed owners have successfully installed their Murphy beds inside of a closet. Customer Tina Nieri wanted to reclaim underused space and transform it into a multipurpose room to accommodate overnight guests and her at-home yoga classes and workouts.  

She opted to remove the doors, shelves, and hardware from an existing closet to fit the twin size Lori Bed into that space. 

“Now I have the entire floor space open,” she said. “My room looks beautiful because of this bed!” 

Murphy beds are a great option for maximizing your space and getting a good night’s rest. The good news is that Lori Beds can accommodate standard size mattresses and fit seamlessly into any room.  

If you have additional questions, please reach out to our experts at We will walk you through the buying process. You can also check out our additional know-before-you-buy guides below: