Frequently Asked Questions about the Lori Bed

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Frequently Asked Questions

All of the most common queries about our products in one place. We've heard it all and then some!


We are the only Murphy Bed company on the market that has successfully eliminated the complex, cumbersome lifting mechanisms found in traditional Murphy Beds. The result is a lighter, smarter, safer, and more efficient product.
The Lori Bed simply "rolls" up and down along the rounded wooden rockers on the floor, which allows for seamless lifting and lowering of the mattress platform.

While some people may be able to lift the bed on their own, we always recommend lifting with a partner for greater ease. We strongly recommend against pregnant women and children operating the bed.

Note that the mattress platform is only connected to the wall cabinet when it's locked into place. Once that is unlocked, those two pieces will not be connected, and the platform can be manually maneuvered, giving you the ability to move it around to best fit your space!

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Our beds are made from 100% PEFC certified, plantation-grown poplar, sourced from the Spanish heartlands in collaboration with Garnica – the world’s number one supplier of sustainable plywood.

This is a cutting-edge wood technology that allows our beds to remain light while also being extremely sturdy and built to last. We use a plant-based, zero VOC adhesive in the wood and finish them with a chemical free, UV resistant compound.

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Yes, we are proud to say that our beds are made right here in the USA! Made from 100% real wood (no MDF or particle board), this high quality piece of furniture will help you transform your guest room into a stylish and functional living space.

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Yes, absolutely! The Lori Bed is a sturdy piece of furniture, made from cutting-edge, lightweight European poplar and is meant to last for years. Therefore, if you are okay with the task of lifting and lowering each day, then the bed can certainly withstand the use.

While some people may be able to lift the bed on their own, we always recommend lifting with a partner for greater ease. We strongly recommend against pregnant women and children operating the bed.

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We are in the process of having an official weight limit test done but, unfortunately, do not have a specific number to share at this time. With that said, we've had people of all sizes use our beds for years and we have never had any reports of our beds breaking from too much weight. Our beds are made of real wood and, therefore, very strong. We know that our beds are built to last and have our Lifetime Warranty to back that up, should anything ever break.

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At this time, we do not have a bed that will fit a Twin XL or King sized mattress.

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Our passion has always been about making Murphy beds affordable and accessible to all our customers. At first, as a small company, we accomplished this by making each bed by hand, but at very high prices. As we grew, we couldn't keep up with customer demand, and decided to switch to selling DIY Wall Bed Kits, getting our design into the hands of as many DIY-ers as we could. But as with any DIY project, everybody comes to the workbench with varying skill levels, and over the last 10+ years, we found that this dynamic often translated into finished products that didn't match up to the quality for which we wanted to be known.

So, over the last three years, we've invested considerable time and energy into developing a high-quality, ready-to-assemble Lori Wall Bed in our most popular sizes and orientations. This is a bed that we're extremely proud of -- we precision-manufacture all our beds in the U.S.A., make each bed from 100% real wood, and deliver them within 3-7 days. To continue to offer better prices, service, and customer experience, we have decided to discontinue selling DIY Wall Bed Kits so we can focus on delivering the best ready-to-assemble Lori Bed possible.

To all of our DIY-ers out there who are disappointed by this news, we hope that you'll try purchasing one of our Paint-Ready Lori Beds, which will give you the opportunity to make it your own, while also saving several hundred dollars.

Thank you all for understanding and feel free to reach out to with any questions or for help finding the right Lori Wall Bed for you.

We only sell directly from our website and do not have our beds in any physical stores.

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We value family here at Lori Beds and Mother Nature, of course, is part of the family too. Every Lori Bed bought means 10 trees planted! To date, with your help, our Murphy Beds have resurrected over 50 acres of Mangrove Trees in the most impoverished areas of our beautiful planet. For us, the Lori Bed nurtures connection, thoughtfulness, and togetherness. It adds value to our homes without taking away from the planet.

Click here to learn more about our partnership with ‘The Eden Projects’ and Lori’s commitment to long-term sustainability and environmental progress.

Since our beds are designed without a lifting mechanism in them, you will need to use your own strength to operate. We recommend grabbing a partner to help lift and lower each time.

To lift our Queen beds at the heaviest point, it will weigh about 45lbs plus half the weight of your mattress -- since the platform will always be supported by the floor when lifting and lowering you only factor in half of your mattress weight. Therefore, if your mattress weighs 80lbs, then you will be lifting about 85lbs total (45lbs + 40lbs).

To lift our Twin beds at the heaviest point, it will weigh about 35lb plus half the weight of your mattress (since the platform will always be supported by the floor when lifting and lowering you only factor in half of your mattress weight). Therefore, if your mattress weighs 50lb, then you will be lifting about 60lbs total (35lb + 25lb).

While some will be able to lift and lower on their own, do always recommend that two adults are present to lift and lower these beds if you are not certain how that weight will feel for you. We never recommend that children or pregnant women lift our beds.


It will take about 1-2 hours to assemble your Lori Bed! We’ve created a simple and strong design that makes it easy for anyone to assemble. No professional assembly is required.

To complete assembly, you will only need a screwdriver, rubber mallet, wrench, stud-finder, and a common drill to mount the cabinet to the wall.

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You will need a hand-held Philips head screwdriver, a rubber mallet or hammer and a small block of wood (to avoid damage to parts) and a 7/8” wrench. A stud finder and power drill will be necessary for anchoring into your wall.

Total time to assemble a Lori Bed is about 1-2 hours and no specialty is required!

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Yes, we do! In each kit, we provide two regular locks plus one keyed lock, and you can decide which two locks to install. If you have children around or do not want anyone to open the bed, we recommend installing one regular lock and one keyed lock to be sure that the bed cannot be opened without an adult present.

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If you have hardwood or tile floors, you may want to put something underneath your Lori Bed to help prevent it from sliding around, which will help protect your floors. There are a few easy tricks to help with this!

The most likely time that your Lori Bed would slide, is when you are lifting or lowering the mattress platform. If you have slippery floors, we recommend sliding a yoga mat (or anything with a similar material) under the rockers -- rounded pieces below the lower shelf -- before opening. That will allow the rockers to roll onto the rubber material and stay in place while you are lowering and lifting the bed.

Reach out to our friendly support staff with any questions!

It's important for your Lori Bed to be securely anchored to the wall to prevent tipping. We never recommend using without it being properly anchored. The cabinet will be anchored to the wall and we provide the hardware necessary for most walls. We provide two hardware options, either wood screws to drill into wood studs or toggle bolts for attaching to drywall. If you have a wall made of anything other than wood studs and drywall, we recommend to consult with a contractor or your local hardware store to obtain the necessary hardware to safely anchor your bed.

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Paint-Ready Lori Beds are made from 100% furniture-grade European Poplar plywood, which needs protection. All Paint-Ready beds should be painted before use, in order to keep the bed beautiful and functional for many years. These are a great option for those that want a specific color we don't offer and want to put their own creative touch on it.

We do recommend painting your bed after it’s assembled, so as not to cover up the pilot holes needed for assembly. This will also give you the chance to make sure it's the right fit for you, as you are not able to return your Lori Bed after it has been painted.

Sanding: A bit of sanding with 120 grit sandpaper will help give the cleanest finish, but it isn't necessary. We do recommend that you lightly sand the edges of plywood pieces, as those will be rough due to their unfinished nature.

Tips for painting: a gallon of water-based interior latex paint with primer is the most forgiving product to use. Get the best quality paint you can afford, and your finish will last a long time. Eggshell, matte or semi-gloss paints will show fewer imperfections than high-gloss paints. Water-based enamels and oil-based paints will dry harder and last longer, but they are messy, very strong-smelling as they dry, and require more experience to use.

We do not recommend staining your Paint-Ready Lori Bed.

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All Lori Beds are built with a baseboard cutout that is 6 inches tall + 2 inches deep and will accommodate most baseboards.

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Queen Vertical

Closed: 81.75" H x 62.75" W x 23.25" D
Open: 10" H x 62.75" W x 105" D

Queen Horizontal 

Closed: 63.75" H x 82.75" W x 23.25" D
Open: 10" H x 82.75" W x 86" D

Twin Vertical

Closed: 78" H x 43.75" W x 23.25" D
Open: 10" H x 43.75" W x 100" D

Twin Horizontal
 44.75" H x 77.75" W x 23.25" D
Open: 10" H x 77.75" W x 67" D

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The Lori Bed comes in two different sizes, listed below. Note that our beds can accommodate mattresses up to 12" thick.

Our Twin beds will fit any standard Twin mattress perfectly. A standard Twin mattress is 75" x 38". Our beds cannot accommodate a Twin XL.

Our Queen beds will fit a Queen size mattress perfectly. A standard Queen mattress is 60" x 80".

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Unfortunately, we are not able to do any custom orders or custom cuts on the bed. We only sell the sizes and finishes show on our product page.

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Mattress Recommendations

While you can use any mattress you want for your Lori Bed, there are a couple of guidelines to keep in mind:

1. Maximum thickness of 12".
Your mattress will need to be 12" thick or less, to ensure that it can close into the cabinet properly.

2. Go light with your mattress!   
Recommended maximum weight of 80lb for Queen and 50lb for Twin. You can certainly go heavier, as the bed can hold a lot of weight but keep in mind that even an extra 10-20lbs on your mattress can make a big     difference in how heavy it will feel to lift and lower. Therefore, the lighter the better!

For our Queen bed, a standard Queen mattress (60" x 80") will fit.
For our Twin bed, a standard Twin mattress (38" x 75") will fit.

Conventional inner spring and latex foam mattresses tend to work best in the Lori Wall Bed. Some edge support on the mattress can be helpful as well, to prevent sagging or deformation of the mattress over time.

The Lori Bed does not include a mattress. You can choose any mattress that works best for you and your family but just be sure to follow the below guidelines:

Maximum thickness of 12".
Anything thicker will run the risk of the bed not closing properly into the cabinet.

Go light with your mattress!
Recommended maximum weight of 80lb for Queen and 50lb for Twin. Since you will manually operate this bed, keep in mind that even an extra 10-20lbs on your mattress can make a big difference in how heavy it will feel. Therefore, the lighter the better!

As a part of the assembly process, you will put a piece of wood in place that creates an L shape at the head of the platform (closest to the wall cabinet). When the platform is raised to be stowed, this shape prevents your mattress from sliding off the platform. On the opposite side of the platform, we provide two straps that click in place and are tightened to hold the mattress in place. These straps will then simply be stowed under the mattress when the bed is in use, so they are unseen and out of the way.

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Lift with a Partner

The Lori Bed simply "rolls" up and down along the rounded wooden rockers on the floor, which allows for seamless lifting and lowering of the mattress platform.

While some people may be able to lift the bed on their own, we always recommend lifting with a partner for greater ease. We strongly recommend against pregnant women and children operating the bed.


Your bed will ship out within 2-3 business days after an order is placed. Once it has shipped, the typical delivery time is 3-7 business days to arrive at your door. The beds ship from Knoxville, TN and we use FedEx for delivery.

Once your bed ships you will receive an email with your tracking numbers, in which you will see FedEx's estimated delivery times. All Lori Beds come in 2 flat packed boxes and may arrive at different times. So be sure to check all tracking information to know all of the estimated arrival times/days.

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If you live in Canada, you're in luck! We recently started shipping the Lori Wall Bed to Canadian customers for a $249 flat-rate shipping charge. Please see our shipping & returns page for more information.

Unfortunately, we can't ship Lori Wall Bed to any other international countries at this time.

*International customers are individually responsible for all VAT, tariff, duty, taxes, handling fees, and customs clearance charges required by their country for importing the Lori Wall Bed. These costs are not included in any purchase made on and must be covered by the buyer.

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Yes, we can ship our beds to Alaska and Hawaii! Shipping to these states is $499 with a typically shipping time of 7-14 days.

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We know that a lot of people like to plan ahead in ordering their Lori Beds. Therefore, we are more than happy to delay shipment for you so that you only receive your bed when you are ready to do so. While we cannot guarantee delivery on a specific date, we can help make sure it will not arrive before you are ready to receive it.

Right after you place your order, send an email to with your Order # and the date that you can receive your bed. Be sure to pick a date that it can arrive either on or after and we will manually schedule that out for you.

Contact our amazing Customer Support team here!

Need to arrange freight forwarding? Please email us directly at and we'd be happy to help!

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All Lori Beds will arrive via FedEx in two flat-packed recyclable cardboard boxes weighing about 80lbs each. Please lift with a partner as needed.

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Shipping is 100% free in the continental United States ($200 value) with a typical delivery time of 3-7 days after it leaves our warehouse via FedEx. Orders are typically fulfilled with 2-3 business days after an order is placed.

Orders are shipped via FedEx, and the bed will arrive in two flat-packed boxes weighing about 80lbs each. Please lift with a partner as needed. These boxes will sometimes arrive at different times, so be sure to check all tracking information to know both of the estimated arrival times/days.

We ship FedEx Home Delivery and no signature is required. FedEx will simply leave the boxes by your front door (or wherever packages are typically dropped within your apartment building). To make any special arrangements around delivery, please reach out to FedEx directly at once you have your tracking information.

We offer shipping to Canada for $249 with delivery times ranging from 7-21 business days. We also ship to Alaska and Hawaii for $499 with a typical delivery time of 7-14 business days. We are unable to ship to any other destinations at this time.

Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

97% of our customers keep and love their purchases and we want every single customer to have a great experience buying from us.

The Lori Beds 60-Day Money Back Guarantee means you have 60 days to initiate a return with us for any reason, plus a lifetime of support if anything ever happens to your bed. You can buy from us with full confidence that we’ll be here to help if something goes wrong, or if the bed just doesn’t end up working out for you.

If for some reason it’s not working out, you can return it for a full refund. Here’s how that works:

Email us within 60 days of placing your order. We will email you a PDF of your return shipping label(s)You’ll need to securely pack the bed in the original packaging. Don’t throw the boxes away until you’re sure the bed is right for youThe bed will need to be in the same condition in which you received it. For example, we can't take back a Paint-Ready bed that you've painted or stained. Make sure the bed is right for you before making any modifications to itWe will refund you the full purchase price of your bed, less the cost of the return shipping labels (which is $150). The original shipping and handling you paid (for us to ship the bed to you) isn’t refundable

And remember, if you have any issues whatsoever with your bed, even if you’re not sure you want to return it, please get in touch with us personally. We want you and every other Lori Beds customer to have the best possible experience with us.

You can learn more about our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee here.

Our bed is so high-quality that we can confidently offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our components. If any part of your bed breaks during normal use, we’ll replace the broken pieces at our cost, including free shipping. Of course, this only covers problems during what would be considered normal use of the bed, not cases where the damage is caused by things like abuse, improper assembly, or modifications to the structure.

How Our Return & Warranty Policy Compares to Other Murphy Bed Companies


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