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Discover the Lori Bed

Where dreams come true for you and your guests.

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Save Space In Style

Our Murphy Bed is purposeful, yet elegant; functional, yet sophisticated; practical, yet distinguished. The Lori Bed is where tradition meets taste.

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To Say Goodnight

More space to be yourself feels good. More space for your guests feels good too. One space for both feels even better. And, at Lori, we don’t believe this feeling should cost you a fortune.

A Murphy Bed

Designed With You in Mind

Sofa next to a wall

The Problem

All rival Murphy Beds have one thing in common – lifting hardware.

Whether a spring lift or piston lift, Murphy Beds with these mechanisms are expensive, complex, dangerous, and, in order to function correctly, require compromise on the quality of materials used in design.

What you are left with is a Murphy bed that’s costly to make, costlier to own, more difficult to operate, and built from inferior parts – all due to a lifting mechanism that isn’t actually required for the Murphy Bed to function properly.

Guest bedroom with a murphy bed and a sofa

The Solution

Having conceived a Murphy Bed design that eliminates the need for a costly and cumbersome lifting mechanism, we were able to focus on the details that matter most.

We replaced laminates and particle boards with real wood. We replaced thin, rustable alloys with polished nickel hardware. We replaced overseas partnership with American craftsmanship. We substituted a useless underside with functional shelving. 

We’ve shed the weight, increased safety, decreased assembly time, and improved the quality of our Murphy Bed – all for a fairer price.

The Lori Bed in Action

Two people relaxing on a Murphy bed
Two women doing yoga in a tiny house with a murphy bed

Transform Any Room

The Lori Bed embraces transformation. Typical habitats for our Murphy Bed include your home office, your home gym, your creative space, your child’s playroom, or your lounge and sanctuary. Wherever your imagination takes you, the Lori Bed will follow.

Happy family in a playroom with a murphy bed

The Perfect Fit.
The Perfect Finish.
The Perfect Murphy Bed.

Available in either twin size or queen, the Lori Bed serves your family. Available in either vertical or horizontal orientation, the Lori Bed serves your space. Available pre-finished or paint-ready ( for a more personal touch) the Lori Bed serves your palette.

Every configuration of the Lori Bed tells a story – what will yours be?

Smarter design, less parts, less labor, and no specialty power tools required.

That’s the Lori Bed formula for quick and painless assembly.

Ready for bed?

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