7 Ways to Design the Ultimate Playroom with a Murphy Bed 

7 Ways to Design the Ultimate Playroom with a Murphy Bed 

An underused guest bedroom can instantly change into the deck of a pirate ship or the ballroom inside of a castle with a little imagination — and the help of a fold-away Murphy bed.   
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Playrooms are a place where dreams come true. Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength that will serve them well into adulthood, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics 

Having a designated space for children to nurture their imagination through play is one of the most special benefits of having a playroom. Plus, it is nice for adults when toys can be stored in one place.  

Having a playroom may seem like a luxury when space is at a premium but it is in reach when you have one room that could serve multiple purposes. An underused guest bedroom can instantly change into the deck of a pirate ship or the ballroom inside of a castle with a little imagination — and the help of a fold-away Murphy bed.   

The children of Lori Bed customers can attest to that fact. Their playrooms ignite their imaginations for hours on end. Here are 7 creative playroom spaces achieved by installing a Murphy bed.  

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A Place to Sleep & A Place to Dream  

playroom with murphy bed 

Being a cowboy is hard work. Bonnie Lahuta’s son needs his rest after a long day playing rodeo. Luckily, his pretend cattle ranch and real sleeping space are a two-for-one spot in the family’s Mississippi home.  

“Our son loves it,” Bonnie said. “We have a small room for our son and this bed allows for an ample playroom as well as a full-sized mattress for him to sleep on.” 

A Murphy Bed for All Ages  

playroom with murphy bed

Donna Tyler, of Kentucky, had a common problem that Murphy beds are made to solve. Her guest bedroom was underused since she only had the occasional overnight visitor. She wanted to be able to use the room regularly without sacrificing the luxury of having a dedicated guest room to make visitors comfortable.  

The Lori Bed was the answer for Donna, and her young granddaughters reaped the benefits. Since the grandkids come to play more often than guests come to stay, she didn't see the value in having a traditional bed that took up the entire room. 

“I have three granddaughters under the age of five,” Donna said. “My guest bedroom immediately became the playroom for them. However, on occasion, I have guests from out of town that visit and spend the night. This was the perfect solution! I put a 10-inch memory foam mattress on it and it sleeps like a dream!” 

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The Gift that Keeps on Giving  

playroom with murphy bed 

With a grandbaby on the way, Donna Buck gave her son and his pregnant wife the gift of bonus space. Her son’s family needed the extra space to accommodate their growing clan without the hassle of a move or renovation.  

Donna wanted to invest in a Murphy bed that would last. She chose a Lori Bed because of its solid wood frame that doesn’t contain any cheap material, such as particleboard.  

“We bought this for our son's family, so they could better use a spare bedroom,” Donna said. “With a new baby coming, this room, off their tv room, was needed for an overflow of kid stuff and it works great! It fits a queen-size memory foam mattress perfectly, and it's a great space-saving idea. Plus, it shipped and arrived in less than a week!” 

An Extraordinary Playroom for an Extraordinary Boy  

playroom with murphy bed

Young Nathan is just like most boys his age. He loves Star Wars, his loyal dog Flash, and playing video games in his bedroom. His warm smile lights up a room even as he battles Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy.   

Nathan’s life-long battle with the disease has left him in a wheelchair but has never dampened his zest for life. Last year, a dedicated group of volunteers from The Sweet Dreams Foundation in California got to see Nathan’s bright smile first-hand when they unveiled his brand new, fully- customized Star Wars-themed bedroom/playroom. 

 “We had a hospital bed for Nathan because he needs something adjustable,” Sweet Dreams Foundation founder Jennifer Donchenko. “His mom or dad sleeps in his room with him every single night so we needed a bed for them. The room needed to be wheelchair accessible. That is why we decided on a [Lori Bed] so his parents could sleep in it at night and in the morning when Nathan needed room for his wheelchair, the bed tucked away. It is a great feature to keep the room clean.”  

Nathan now has plenty of space to play and grow, something Donchenko said couldn't have been achieved without the help of volunteers and sponsors like Lori Beds.  

Read Nathan’s inspiring story here 

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A Bed They Don’t Grow Out Of   

playroom with murphy bed

Alisa Parks was browsing the internet for the perfect Murphy bed for her 7-year-old son. She wanted a fold-away bed for his small bedroom, which only began to feel even smaller since quarantine. She stopped the scroll when she clicked on Lori Beds.  

“I had a certain design in mind for my active 7-year-old,” she said. “The [Lori Bed] is perfect in every way, for sleep and storage, with versatile shelves.” 

Completing the design was a bonding moment. Alisa and her son assembled the wall bed themselves. She ordered the horizontal model in unfinished wood, which the two plan to paint with original artwork. Now his bedroom is a space for imagination and a good night’s sleep. 

“My son is so happy with it and how it transformed his room,” Alisa said. “He said he is taking the bed to college with him!” 

Kids at Heart   

game room with murphy bed

Fun and games aren’t just for little kids. Adults need room for fun, too.  

Amanda Stump needed to find a way to make better use of a sparsely used guest room, especially since her family was spending much more time at home during the pandemic.  

“It was basically wasted space, especially with Covid and the complete lack of overnight visitors,” Amanda said. “The idea of a Murphy bed came up as a solution and everywhere we looked everything was just too expensive. Then we found Lori Beds.”  

Amanda chose the unfinished horizontal model, giving her family the opportunity to pick colors that they wanted. 

“It’s a lovely and functional new piece in our new game room,” she said.  

The Not-So-Secret Guest Room  playroom with murphy bed

Susan in Texas needed a Murphy bed that lived up to high expectations.  

“I wanted a playroom for the grandkids that could double as a guest room; a Murphy bed seemed to be the perfect solution. My husband is a carpenter with 30+ years in high-end residential work so we looked for a kit that would not disappoint him,” she explained. “Even as he was unpacking the boxes he was remarking on the excellent quality of the materials. 

Their Lori Bed check all the boxes for Susan and her husband Don — but what about the grandkids?   

“Our grandchildren are thrilled with their own play space and we are so delighted to have a ‘secret’ guest room,” she said. 

You don’t need a lot of extra space to create an incredible playroom for your children to enjoy. Start by making the room with space-saving furniture like a Murphy bed. Once the basics are in place, the possibilities for play are endless. Let these transformative spaces serve as design inspiration for a perfect playroom.  

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