Sleep Soundly With a Modern Murphy Bed

Sleep Soundly With a Modern Murphy Bed

The best option for short-term sleeping needs is a modern Murphy bed, which gives homeowners the adaptability and versatility to welcome guests when space is at a premium.

A Murphy bed offers all the comfort of a conventional bed without reducing the space for a full-size mattress. With its folding capability and dual-purpose functionality, you can quickly store a Murphy bed in its cabinet or against the wall of any room. 

Having your cherished friends and family stay the night shouldn't be a hassle. With a modern Murphy bed, any room can be a guest room, and nobody will have to settle for a poor night's sleep ever again.

The Many Functions of Murphy Beds

When you have limited square footage at your disposal, you have to get creative with furniture options and storage solutions to use every inch of space efficiently. 

Here’s how a Murphy bed can help:

Maximize Your Square Footage 

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a smaller-sized home, you likely have limited space to work with and not enough room to fit everything you need. If this is the case, maximizing your square footage is an absolute must.

This is where Murphy beds come in.

A Murphy bed is a versatile solution designed to give you more space. With its folding function, a Murphy bed utilizes vertical wall space by folding up when you're not using it as a bed. This function keeps a Murphy bed from occupying valuable floor space and makes the room look more spacious.

That said, Murphy beds provide a space-saving solution that has appeal beyond maximizing square footage.

Add More Storage Space 

Those looking for additional storage space will love what a Murphy bed with built-in shelving brings to the room. 

A wall bed with shelving provides extra storage space that you can use for different purposes. Bookworms and bibliophiles can use the shelves to home their beloved books instead of tucking them away in a closet or drawer to gather dust. 

A Murphy bed with storage also makes an excellent match for minimalists. The shelving offers a space to display select decor items like lamps and art pieces while maintaining that simple and clean-looking aesthetic.

In addition to beds, tables and workstations take up a lot of room. A modern Murphy bed with storage functionality solves your space issues in one practical, cutting-edge piece of furniture

Make Your Room Multipurpose 

A multipurpose room is one with the ability to transform into a designated space instantaneously. Achieving this goal in your home requires a careful selection of furniture.

You'll want to choose furniture that works within your minimal space and facilitates the various functions of the room. Foldable furniture and dual-purpose pieces like a Murphy bed make for the ideal solution.

A Murphy bed combines multiple functions into one room, enabling you to take full advantage of every inch of space in your home. Additionally, a Murphy bed gives you more opportunities to enjoy different activities in one designated place. For instance, you can convert a studio space into your dream bedroom and home office combo — without sacrificing comfort or square footage.

Convert Any Room into a Guest Suite with a Murphy Bed

Your bed is likely the biggest piece of furniture you own if you live in a smaller space. It occupies the most room out of your household items, leaving you with little square footage to spare. That said, many — if not most — people lack the space to dedicate an entire room with a full-sized bed to the infrequent occasions in which they welcome visitors. 

A Murphy bed is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a guest bedroom but cannot afford to sacrifice their limited space. As mentioned, a Murphy bed easily folds into a cabinet or against the wall when not in use. You can effortlessly hide it out of sight during the day and unfold it at night to create a space to sleep. 

A Murphy bed’s sheer design flexibility makes it a beautiful piece of furniture, fit for any room. A modern Murphy bed makes excellent use of the wall space, making it simple to give your guests a cozy, comfortable, and convenient place to sleep without sacrificing valuable space.

Murphy Beds Can Match Any Aesthetic

Modern Murphy beds are discrete and incredibly effective at saving space and providing comfort. Simultaneously, Murphy beds encourage organization and enhance your decor. Additionally, many modern Murphy beds are customizable — so you can adjust them to accommodate your personal preference and needs.

Here are a few Murphy bed features you can modify to match your aesthetic:


Naturally, the amount of space you have will dictate how big of a Murphy bed you’ll want to buy. Murphy beds come in various shapes and sizes — twin and queen being the most popular — so you can pick one that fits your needs perfectly.


Murphy beds also come in different finish options, so you can select the one that suits your style. The Lori Bed, for example, comes in four finish options: white, paint-ready, natural, and walnut. You can opt for whichever finish fits your aesthetic and choose one that makes you feel most comfortable.


While most Murphy beds only come in vertical form, the Lori Bed is also available in a horizontal orientation. Horizontal orientation is excellent for those with limited square footage or lower-than-average ceilings in their home. In contrast, the vertical orientation is ideal if you have more space and higher ceilings.

Each option also features built-in shelving to store and display your favorite decor or selection of best books — so you will feel at home in any space.

Closing Considerations

From material choices to stain selections and custom designs, many features of Murphy beds make them feel like an extension of yourself rather than just another piece of furniture.

The best Murphy beds combine best-in-class comfort, engineering, and innovation to give you ample mattress space to sleep. With its quality-first focus and dream-worthy design, The Lori Bed murphy bed enables any mattress to be neatly put away without sacrificing thickness or floor space. 

With The Lori Bed, you can expect nothing short of the highest quality comfort and soundest sleep.


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Trevor Gunderson from Arizona is delighted with their Modern Murphy bed:

“Nice looking wall bed! Assembly wasn’t too hard once we got going - it took me and my wife about 4 hours to complete. We love that it doesn’t use pistons or springs and there’s no particleboard that can easily break. Would definitely recommend this product to others.”

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