Murphy Bed Benefits Hidden in Plain Sight

Murphy Bed Benefits Hidden in Plain Sight

A Murphy bed is a dual-purpose furniture item designed to conserve space. These beds fold up against the wall or in a cabinet when not in use, making them well-suited for folks with limited square footage at their disposal.

While this sleeping solution is a long-standing staple in many homes, it is far from outdated or underused. To this day, Murphy beds allow buyers to transform their homes instantly, optimize every square foot of space, and improve their living environment with additional functionality.

The numerous benefits and options on the market make a Murphy bed a modern sleeping solution fit for any environment, from spacious houses to cozy studio apartments.

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A Murphy Bed Maximizes Your Square Footage

When you live in a house or apartment with limited square footage, you naturally want to maximize every possible inch. That said, most people fail to consider how they could use their unoccupied wall space to their advantage.

A Murphy bed is a versatile sleeping solution designed to give you more room. It uses the vertical wall space by folding up when you are not using it as a bed. This keeps it from occupying valuable floor space when you need it for daytime activities such as exercising or working from home. 

With its functional, practical, and simplistic design, you don’t have to worry about your Murphy bed cluttering your limited space. Its dual-purpose functionality allows renters and homeowners to maximize their square footage and expand their living space without compromising comfort.

Make Any Room Multipurpose with a Murphy Bed

One of the main benefits of a Murphy bed is that it enables you to convert any room into a multipurpose space easily and effortlessly.

A Murphy bed combines two (or more) functions into one room, allowing you to get the most out of every square inch of space at your disposal. In turn, a Murphy bed will enable you to engage in various activities in one designated place. For instance, you can transform a rarely-used spare bedroom into your dream home gym and switch back to the bedroom when you finish your workout.

Woman using a Lori Murphy Bed as shelving in her home gym

With its versatility and elevated design, a Murphy bed lets you use your room however you want, whenever you want.

Use a Murphy Bed with Shelving for Additional Storage Space

When you own a small house or rent a tiny apartment, it’s common to find yourself using one room for multiple purposes. After all, square footage is premium, and efficiency is a must.

That said, the very nature of multifunctional spaces makes them prone to mess, and it doesn’t take long for clutter to take over your living quarters. And when you already have minimal room for storage, staying organized can feel nearly impossible.

A Murphy bed with built-in shelving is an excellent solution because it gives you more space to store your belongings. For instance, if you have no room on your desk or nightstand but need a place to put your beloved books, you can use the shelves on the back of your Murphy bed to display them. The shelves also free up floor space for furniture and other décor pieces, allowing for a flexible and enhanced organization system throughout your home.

Reclaim Your Cluttered Home Office 

Your office becomes a well-frequented place when you work from home. Especially so if it also serves as your sleeping space. Or spare bedroom. Or storage room. Or both.

Small spaces quickly become cramped and congested, particularly when you add furniture. Before long, you are bumping into desk corners and stubbing your toes on various objects around the room. If there is a standard stationary bed to maneuver around sitting in the middle of the room, the risk of physical injury is even higher. 

One of the primary advantages of a modern Murphy bed is that it folds away when you're not using it for sleeping purposes. By operating without needing pistons, springs, or other lifting mechanisms, The Lori Bed makes raising and lowering your bed quite simple. All you have to do is pull down the mattress from its hiding place and lift and latch it back into position when you're done using it. In turn, a Murphy bed’s folding capability allows you to move around your small space safely and freely. 

Transform Any Room into a Guest Suite

As discussed above, a Murphy bed folds against the wall for easy storage. You can easily fold the bed out of sight when you want to use the room for other activities, such as work or exercise, and unfold it for sleep as needed, say to host guests.

With a Murphy bed, you won't have to sequester your guests to the couch when they come a-knockin' and need a cozy place to rest. Just unfold the bed, and there you have it! An instant guest room with everything they need to get a solid night's sleep.

A Murphy bed lets you accommodate overnight visitors, giving your guests a place to sleep that is cozy, comfortable, and convenient to use on-demand — without taking up too much valuable space.

Closing Considerations

Many people think of Murphy beds as space-saving solutions for studio apartments and smaller homes. While this is true, a Murphy bed is helpful in all living situations and circumstances. 

Whether you want to maximize your square footage, control your clutter, create a multipurpose space, or transform your spare bedroom into the guest suite of your dreams, a Murphy bed can do it all.

That said, if you’re looking for top-tier quality, an affordable price tag, and easy installation, then there’s only one name you need to know:

Lori Beds. 

Buy any Murphy bed from their selection — from twin vertical up to queen horizontal — and see for yourself why the Lori Bed is the sleeping solution that dreams are made of.


The convenience of modern Murphy beds

Quality, ease of installation, and affordability make the Lori Bed a smart buy. Unlike other furniture stores or online retailers, like IKEA or Wayfair, Lori Beds specializes in one well-made product. Our team of associates are true experts in the subject and can help with everything from determining the best bed to fit your space to helping with the installation. Over 2000 five star reviews can’t be wrong!

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“The Lori Bed was an excellent purchase for me. I work exclusively from home, but we don't have much extra space, so I have been working out of our guest bedroom. Having a bed in my workspace was not great for me as I found it unpleasant in my background and a temptation when I was feeling low energy. The Lori Bed provided a cost-effective way to hide the bed while still making it super easy to have a bed for any guests. We got the paint-ready one and painted it green, and it looks awesome!”

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Do you need assistance selecting the best modern Murphy bed to complete your small bedroom design ideas? Contact us and we will help you through the process.