How Much Weight can a Murphy Bed Hold?

How Much Weight can a Murphy Bed Hold?

There are many answers to the question "How much weight can a Murphy bed hold?" and you'll find them in this post!
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How much weight can a Murphy bed hold? You're in the right place for the answer! Actually, you're in the right place for answers, because there isn't one single answer to this question.

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How Much Weight Can a Murphy Bed Hold?

The maximum weight capacity of a Murphy bed depends largely on its size.  

Most Murphy bed and wall bed manufacturers carry twin-size and full/queen-size models though there are king-size and custom sizes available. These sizes can generally accommodate as much weight as a comparable traditional bed frame.  

Twin-size Murphy beds are typically designed to sleep children or one adult. As such, they can support the least amount of weight due to their size. On the whole, the weight capacity of a twin-size Murphy bed is about 250 to 400 lbs.  

Queen and full-size Murphy beds are pretty equal in how they hold distributed weight, according to Go Downsize. The weight capacity of a full/queen-size Murphy bed is between 800 and 1,000lbs for most models found on the market. That’s enough to support two adults in most cases.  

A king-size Murphy bed usually exceeds a maximum weight capacity of 1,000lbs. Some manufacturers report their king-size Murphy beds can support up to 2,500lbs, but that weight capacity is rare. Mattress Nut also points out that Murphy bed models with a built-in sofa are typically able to support extra weight because the sofa serves as a supportive base under a portion of the bed when the bed folds down.  

Like all furnishings, it’s crucial to follow the manufacturer's guidelines to get an accurate number for a particular model. While some weight capacities listed may be a warning and not a true capacity, it is highly recommended that you don’t push the boundaries of what the manufacturer lists as the weight capacity of your Murphy bed, notes Mattress Nut.  

The full/queen-size Lori Bed can hold a maximum of 800 lbs and can comfortably sleep two average adults.  

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Murphy Bed Weight Capacity & Bed Frame Material 

Materials make a difference when it comes to the weight capacity of a Murphy bed. High quality materials are sturdier and therefore have the capacity to bear more weight.  

Most Murphy beds you’ll find on the market are made from particle board, plywood, solid hardwood, or metal. Murphy beds made from particle board are the least expensive because of their thin, low-quality material.  

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Particle board Murphy beds have the lowest weight capacities. They also have a tendency to wear down quickly, making it harder for the frame to support weight. Weight capacity can decrease over time as the particle board wears down.   

Murphy beds crafted from high-quality wood, like the Lori Bed, can support much more weight. Metal frames can also support quite a bit of weight. Both solid wood and metal frames are considered durable and retain their weight capacity compared to a particle board option.   

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Murphy Bed Mattress Weight Considerations 


Lastly, mattress weight matters for Murphy beds. When buying a Murphy bed, you should ask what the recommended range of mattress weight is for the frame. Most manufactures do not provide a mattress with the wall bed frame but will provide mattress recommendations for options readily available in stores or online.   

A traditional Murphy bed with a metal spring or piston lifting mechanism naturally applies a certain amount of force to assist with the opening and closing action. If your mattress is too light or heavy, it may make the mechanism a bit erratic, opening and closing the bed either too quickly or too slowly. 

Because the Lori Bed doesn’t use a mechanical lifting mechanism, we recommend using as light-weight of a mattress as you’d find comfortable, such as a conventional inner-spring or latex foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses are heavy and will make lifting more difficult.  

The lighter your mattress, the easier the bed will be to lift. Note: It’s required that two able-bodied adults operate the Lori Bed together and it's never recommended to be operated alone. 

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At the heaviest point (lifting off the floor), you and partner will be lifting about 60 lbs plus half the weight of your mattress for a queen/full and about 45 lbs plus half the weight of your mattress for a twin bed. For example, if you have a queen mattress that weighs 80 lbs on a queen/full bed, you and your partner will be lifting 100 lbs at the heaviest point. Conclusion

Frame size, quality of material, and mattress weight all influence the weight capacity of a Murphy bed. On the whole, a Murphy bed’s weight capacity is comparable to a traditional bed frame of equal size. Just be sure to check the guidelines of the model for the most accurate weight capacity calculation.  

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