Reasons to Buy a Real Wood Wall Bed

Reasons to Buy a Real Wood Wall Bed

Flexibility, versatility, efficiency, and an array of storage options make Murphy beds a popular sleeping solution. Learn more about this innovative piece of furniture and the reasons to buy a real wood wall bed!

The Murphy bed, also known as a wall bed, is a versatile piece of furniture designed to conserve space. 

Murphy beds stow away against a wall or in a cabinet when you aren’t using them. This dual functionality makes Murphy beds well-suited for small guest rooms and other multipurpose room combinations.

These wall beds have long been a staple in many homes, but they are far from outdated. The sheer number of benefits and options makes the Murphy bed a modern sleeping solution fit for any living environment. Although many modern wall beds can be expensive, The Lori Bed has numerous benefits that make it a worthwhile investment. 

Keep reading to see what this innovative sleeping solution can bring to your home!

Benefits of Buying a Real Wood Wall Bed

Convert Any Space Into an Additional Bedroom 

Whether your budget is tight or you have limited space at your disposal, a Murphy wall bed is an ideal solution for anyone looking to create an additional sleeping space in any room in their home. 

As mentioned above, Murphy bed folds against the wall for easy storage. You can effortlessly fold it out of sight when you need the room for business, exercise, kids, or other purposes during the day. 

When your guests arrive and need a peaceful place to rest, unfold the bed and voila! You have an instant guest room with everything ready for them to get a good night’s sleep.

With a Murphy bed, you can give your guests a place to sleep that is cozy and comfortable, not to mention convenient to use on demand as needed without taking up too much space.

Maximize Your Available Floor Space

A wall bed is a functional addition that allows renters and homeowners alike to maximize their square footage and expand their living quarters without compromising comfort. 

In houses with limited space, one room may serve multiple purposes. Investing in a Murphy bed will help you simplify storage and free up floor space for your furniture —  so your home office can double as a guest room whenever you need it.

That said, Murphy beds provide a safe-saving solution that has appeal beyond maximizing square footage.

Create Additional Room for Enhanced Organization

Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, you’ll want to make use of the space you have while keeping your house organized. A Murphy bed is an excellent solution because it maximizes wall space, giving you more room for storage.

Murphy beds with shelving create additional storage space that you can use in many different ways. You can use the shelves to hold books or other items that would otherwise clutter your living area. The shelves also free up floor space for better use of your furniture and other items in the room, allowing for an enhanced organization system throughout the home.

In addition to providing more storage solutions, Murphy beds offer multipurpose functionality in their design features. For example, a wall bed will simplify storage by freeing up floor space for other things like couches or chairs. This allows you more flexibility when designing your home so you can optimize every inch of available real estate!

Make a Room to Match Your Aesthetic

Many modern Murphy beds are customizable, and you can modify them according to your personal preferences and needs. From color options to material choices and custom designs, many aspects of Murphy beds make them feel like an extension of yourself rather than just another piece of furniture.

In particular, one thing to love about real wood wall beds is how they look. The beautiful wood finish makes these Murphy beds not only functional but stylish as well. Whether with decorative pillows or thick fluffy blankets, you can find plenty of different ways to style your Murphy bed to fit your aesthetic perfectly. 

Regardless of the room you're working with or your taste level, you can rest assured that your Murphy bed will match your vibe.

Provide Flexibility in Your Home’s Design

One of the most important reasons to consider buying a Murphy bed is its flexibility in your home design. Many people consider the Murphy bed an alternative for a guest room or office. But you can use these beds for much more than creating a space for your company. In fact, many buyers choose to use their Murphy bed as their primary sleeping space.

Nowadays, it's hard to find an apartment or house with an extra bedroom at an affordable price. Smaller houses and apartments typically can't accommodate an additional bedroom — and with that in mind, it's easy to see why many renters and homeowners opt for this solution instead. Murphy beds give them the freedom they need while providing them with all the necessary amenities and maintaining the maximum functionality of their space.

Adapt to Various Seating Requirements

Whether you’re someone who likes to rearrange your furniture often or you’re simply looking for a space-saving solution, Murphy beds are perfect. 

In addition to folding against the wall to create an additional seating area, you can place a Murphy bed almost anywhere. Whether you have a large room and want to maximize every inch or a smaller space and need to make the most out of it, there’s no need to settle on one seating arrangement when it comes time for dinner parties or gatherings. 

The freedom and flexibility afforded by these beds allow homeowners and renters with limited floor space — or those who don’t want a constricted living space — to enjoy more comfortable seating arrangements more frequently.

Closing Considerations

Although many think Murphy beds are just space-saving solutions for apartments and smaller homes, they’re helpful in all situations. Whether you want more room for guests or to create a multipurpose space for your home, these beds help you maximize your available space while still providing comfort and convenience.

The Lori Bed is a brilliant buy if you want quality, ease of installation, and affordability. Unlike other furniture stores or online retailers, Lori Beds specializes in one well-made product. Our team of associates are true experts in the subject and can help you at any stage of your bed-buying journey — from determining the best bed for your space to helping you install 

Invest in a Lori Bed today and sleep soundly on the best Murphy bed on the market. 


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