Murphy Bed in New York City: All the Essentials You Need to Know

Murphy Bed in New York City: All the Essentials You Need to Know


In a city like New York City, where more people live in limited land space, apartments and small living spaces are in high demand. Space-saving solutions like multi-functional furniture, wall beds, Murphy beds, and optimized storage solutions help residents get comfortable despite their small living spaces.

If you plan to live in NYC and want a Murphy bed for your apartment, here’s everything you need to know before buying one.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why Murphy beds are popular in NYC
  • The best Murphy beds for your New York apartment
  • How to maximize space in your place


The Popularity of Murphy Beds in NYC
Product Showcase
Maximizing Space in Your NYC Apartment
Final Words


The Popularity of Murphy Beds in NYC

Murphy beds are popular among NYC residents for two main reasons—space-saving features and versatility. You can fold your Murphy bed against a wall versatility and conceal it before you use it again for the night, letting you save space and use the room for other activities. Every space counts since most apartments in NYC have limited space, making Murphy beds an ideal addition.

Here are other reasons why Murphy beds are popular in New York City:

Limited Floor Space

According to the data published by World Population Review, New York City has a population of more than 7 million people as of 2024. The city is densely populated, with only a limited amount of land for housing. It creates a demand for apartments with a small square footage compared to other areas of the state.

High Cost of Living

NYC is expensive, from food and entertainment to utilities. Housing takes up a considerable chunk of your money, with furnished studios costing almost $5,000 a month for rental alone. That’s why Murphy beds are a solution if you want a bed in your small apartment.

Urban Mobility

People living in huge cities like NYC prioritize a lifestyle with easy access to work and entertainment areas. Smaller apartments call for lesser maintenance expenses, allowing residents to save money for other payables.

Product Showcase

If you need a wall bed for your NYC place, you should buy this:

The Lori Bed

Size: Queen Vertical
Price: $1,799

Size: Queen Horizontal
Price: $1,799

Size: Twin Vertical
Price: $1,199

Size: Twin Horizontal
Price: $1,199

Available Colors: Natural Finish, White, Walnut, and Paint-Ready

The Lori Bed is an excellent addition to small spaces, especially in New York City, with its natural wooden build, 24/7 functionality, and user-friendly purchase and assembly.

This bed is built to last years. It’s made of cabinet-grade Poplar Plywood, which gives unmatched durability and strength to support weights up to 500 kilograms. It has a fold-down headboard that’s perfect for transforming spare rooms into guest rooms. When put in an upright vertical position, you can use it as a functional storage area or a part of your home office, complete with a desk and cabinets.

Buying horizontal Murphy beds, vertical beds, and twin beds from LoriBeds is risk-free. We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty for all hardware and parts. Add to that our pain-free assembly process that doesn’t use special tools, so it won’t be hard to set up the bed whenever you want!

Breaking Down the Lori Bed by Color

The Lori Bed has four available colors. Let’s see how each color can cater to your taste.


Treat this bed like a blank canvas where you can express yourself. You can transform this bed by combining colors suitable for your taste.

Please note that sanding and painting the bed takes about 4-8 hours.


The White Lori Bed has a high-pressure laminate veneer and a 100% poplar core. It gives your bed a modern appeal, top-notch durability, and effortless cleaning.

Natural Finish

This bed exudes a classic look using a water-based finish with a semi-gloss sheen.


Made of luxurious walnut wood veneer, this elegant bed is a perfect choice for your little home.


The Lori Mattress

This mattress is perfect for your Murphy bed as you settle down in NYC.

Size: Queen
Price: $1,195


Width - 60”
Length - 80”
Height - 10”

Size: Twin
Price: $895


Width - 38”
Length - 75”
Height - 10”

This mattress is tailor-made to suit Murphy beds. Comfortable and durable, the medium-firm feel of this mattress caters to almost all kinds of sleepers.

Breaking Down the Lori Mattress by Layer

The Lori Mattress is a multi-layered mattress that perfectly fits your fold-down beds. Here’s how each layer can help you sleep comfortably at night:

  1. The organic cotton cover has a rayon layer that prevents fire spread, wards off dust mites, and repels microbes.
  1. The cooling memory foam has a cooling gel that contours the body and melts heat into thin air so that you can sleep more comfortably.
  1. The medium-memory foam spreads your weight evenly throughout the bed.
  1. The pocketed coils give targeted support and keep you and your sleeping partner steady whenever one of you moves.
  1. Firm edge coils provide stiffer support on the edges, which keeps the bed plump, stable, and durable.
  1. Hand-tufting holds all the layers together and makes sure the mattress lasts longer, especially when storing it upright.

Maximizing Space in Your NYC Apartment

As you settle and build your life around New York City, you stack up several things over time. From appliances, furniture, and clothing to personal items like books, your apartment might get too cluttered.

Here’s how you can maximize every square footage in your apartment:

Use Multi-Functional Furniture

Buy and use furniture that serves more than one purpose. It can be a bed with a sofa, pull-down beds, hideaway beds, and even foldable chairs. Convertible beds can easily be transformed into a sofa and a bed whenever you want. Cabinet beds can double as a storage and a bed simultaneously. Using a wall bed with a sofa needs less space, too. These items don’t take up much floor space when you store and put them aside.

Use the Vertical Space

Vertical space keeps the clutter off the ground. Attach shelves or tall storage units to store clothes, decorations, and books. You can customize your wall-mounted beds to utilize the vertical space when folding.

Utilize Under-Bed Storage

Choose bed frames with built-in storage drawers or hidden beds that have another storage underneath. You can store your bedding and seasonal clothing in these spaces.

Try Wall-Mounted Storage

Walls can be a good idea for storing items. Put hooks and racks for storing coats and jackets. Use wall-mounted shelves for keeping kitchen utensils. Wall-mounted storage keeps your things away from the floor.

Organize Your Closet

Your closet can be hard to declutter, especially if you’re just stacking items carelessly. Use hanging shelves, stackable bins, and closet organizers to store your shoes, clothes, and accessories accordingly.

Use Entryway Storage

Keep your shoes away from your primary area in the apartment by installing a wall-mounted shoe rack. Include some hooks to hand your coats, caps, and jackets.

Final Words

Purchasing a Murphy bed in New York City is essential when settling there. These wall beds offer more floor space when you fold them against the wall. They are also handy in creating an instant guest room upon pulling them down.

Enlist the help of a professional when you want to install these folding beds. They can help you with the installation process. You may need permits to install your bed and ensure it abides by the local building codes, including fire safety and accessibility.

If you want to buy our space-saving beds, email us at You can also go to our contact page on our website or call 888-457-2577 for more details.