Assembling the Vertical Twin Paint-Ready Lori Bed

Watch our detailed tutorial of the Lori Bed assembly process below.

For specific content related to where you need help the most, here is a timecode of specific steps in the process within the video above:

  1. Tools needed - 1:04
  2. Overview of Connectors - 2:05
  3. Mattress Platform Assembly - 4:15
  4. Locking Mechanism - 10:23
  5. Wall Cabinet Assembly - 11:34
  6. Hinge Plate Install - 13:42
  7. Anchoring to the wall - 15:40
  8. Lifting The Bed Into Place - 17:18

Assembly Process

To complete the Lori Bed assembly, you will only need a screwdriver, rubber mallet, wrench, stud-finder, and a common drill to mount the Murphy bed cabinet to the wall.

Assembly Instructions

Click below to download the assembly instructions PDF for the selected Lori Bed.

Lori Bed - Twin Vertical Murphy Bed

Twin Vertical Murphy Bed

Download Instructions