Creative Ways to Use Bonus Space

Creative Ways to Use Bonus Space

Here are some creative and functional ways to use bonus space in your home, including creating a cozy library!

It’s a dream to have a little bonus space to spread out in our homes. Most areas are designated for one purpose without much wiggle room for different activities. When many of us are spending more time at home, a room that can be easily transformed into another space is nothing short of refreshing.   

It doesn’t have to be as complicated as buying a bigger place. You just have to get creative to find more extra space where you’re already living. That's one of the reasons why installing a Murphy bed has become increasingly popular.   

A fold-up wall bed allows one room to function as two (or more!) An underused guest room has the potential to be a well lived-in space where families can create memories. Whether you’ve dreamt of a crafting corner, home gym, or even a man cave, the sky’s the limit when you have more square-footage.   

Creative Ideas for a Bonus Space

Here is an inspirational guide to what can be done with a bonus room when you install a Murphy Bed.   

Crafting Retreat  

craft room  

(Credit: Better Homes and Gardens)  

A crafting area is a great way to get the creative juices flowing — and put a pin in a Netflix binge. Consider taking over a wall in a spare guest room that only sees visitors a couple of times a year, suggests Better Homes and Gardens.   

Incorporate floor-to-ceiling shelving and a small desk or work table and you’ll have a cozy area where you’ll love to spend time. Use bins to stock all the supplies you’ll need: crafting scissors, sowing equipment, fabrics, or paints.  

The crafting nook can be a personal retreat in an otherwise underused space.   

Home Fitness Center   


If you want to get to the gym but always seem short on time, a home gym is an excellent alternative for keeping healthy. Designing a functional home gym doesn’t require a lot of space, money or time — in fact, installing one may save you time and money in the long-run.   

Maximizing an underused bonus space by installing a Murphy bed, investing in inexpensive equipment to start and never having to stand idly waiting for the gym machine, will have you well on your way to achieving your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home. 

Cozy Library  


A designated home library seems like a luxury, but a reading nook is within reach in any home. Rarely occupied guest rooms can quickly transform into an open space that can double as a book lovers' respite.   

Designate one wall for a shelving display where you can easily reach your collection. Then add a comfortable chair and a reading light for the perfect at-home library. Pro tip: Halogen bulbs produce a whiter light that's perfect for reading. The sharp white light ensures good page illumination, according to the experts at Lamps Plus.   

Some Murphy bed models, like the Lori Bed, offer built-in shelf-storage when the bed is in the upright position. These shelves could hold books or be a safe spot to store your kindle or e-reader.   

Man Cave  

Man Cave Choice recommends starting simple by clearing extra clutter and opting for a minimalist design that includes multifunctional furniture and design concepts, such as a lift top coffee table with a hidden storage compartment.   

Save space on the floors by incorporating sports memorabilia or other hobby items into an impressive feature wall display. If you have a little extra closet space, consider turning it into a hidden bar. Tuck away a bar cart stocked with non-perishable staples to make an even bigger impact in a small space.    



You don’t need a ton of space to create a fantastic playroom. If you don’t have a spare room you can dedicate solely for playtime, consider space-saving furniture and creative storage to make the most of a spare bedroom.  

To create a playroom that is a place for children to learn through play, there has to be a fun factor. A great playroom is more than a room to store toys; it is a space that inspires children to expand their minds.  

Choosing colorful paint and fun wall art are great starting points. Sectioning off designated areas for craft time or reading time is another way to make your play room feel special.  

(Read about creating the ultimate playroom here

Music Room Bonus Space

Converting an underused space into a part-time music lounge makes playing an instrument that much more enjoyable.   

Create the space by using convertible furnishings that can be tucked away when it’s time for a jam session. Easy to install soundproof partitions, dividers, and doors are also a good option if things tend to get a little loud.   

Instruments like guitars can be stored on wall mounts when not in use. Make it your own by decorating the walls with music memorabilia, record displays, or other inspirational items that have you channeling your inner Jimi Hendrix.        

Home Office   


Working from home is becoming a new norm for many employees. Remote workers often make the mistake of using their dining room or other living spaces as a makeshift office. The main reason this is ineffective is it opens you up to distraction.   

Today’s home offices encourage productivity and don’t require a lot of space. It is easier than you would think to create an office space from scratch no matter the square footage. The best idea to keep in mind is utilizing products that can serve at least two purposes.  

Make this bonus space your own by painting the walls soothing colors, such as white, light blue, or gray. Incorporating greenery can make a small space feel like a truly customized office.   

Find more creative ideas to improve your work-from-home space here.

Have you used a Murphy bed to transform an underused bonus space in your home? We’d love to see your handy work. Reach out to us at to share your story for a chance to be featured on our website.   

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