7 Design Benefits of the Best Murphy Bed

7 Design Benefits of the Best Murphy Bed

Decorative throw pillows and modern art are fashionable home decorations — but a real wood Murphy bed is a design lover's dream for its form and function in everyday living spaces. A Murphy bed is the ideal solution if you've ever wanted to maximize your square footage without sacrificing form or function.

That said, Murphy beds offer many more advantages than conventional bedroom sets, regardless of whether you live in a large house or a cozy studio apartment. Keep reading to learn seven real-world benefits of owning a modern Murphy bed and how it can enhance your home's style and way of life.

1. Murphy beds are perfect for guest bedrooms

First and foremost, a Murphy bed is the perfect way to create a guest room in a pinch. 

Depending on how frequently guests come over, you might use your spare space for other purposes, such as a home office, gym, nursery, or hobby room. A Murphy bed allows you to quickly convert any space into a cozy nook when guests arrive and then easily return it back to normal once they depart.

So if you have a small or seldom-used spare room and need a guest suite pronto, consider investing in a Murphy bed!

2. Need more floor space? The solution is a modern Murphy bed

Searching for an elegant solution to maximize the space in your home? Then look no further than a Modern Murphy bed.

When square footage is at a premium and every inch counts, it's crucial to utilize every possible option. Many alternative sleeping solutions take up too much room and make it difficult to move furniture around as you use the space for other functions in your home. 

A Murphy bed, on the other hand, is highly versatile. Most notably, the Murphy bed's dual-purpose functionality provides extra space in the room in which you install it. Because you can fold it up and out of the way when you’re not using it, the Murphy bed takes up minimal floor space and preserves the function of the room. This makes a Murphy bed the perfect solution for maximizing floor space and ensuring you get as much out of your home as possible.

3. Murphy beds and minimalism are a match made in heaven

Tiny home, cramped quarters, small space.

These are just a few words that come to mind when you hear the word ‘studio apartment’. Studio apartments lack a bedroom, meaning you’re stuck placing a bed in your living room or dining area. 

With a Murphy bed, you can still have room for a couch and an entertainment area for visitors. Space is at a premium when you live the tiny home life, and you need to conserve as much as possible. A Murphy bed will be an easy addition to your studio area because of the space you can save, the extra storage area, and how simple it is to raise and lower.

A Murphy bed is a fantastic sleeping solution for space-savers and minimalists alike. It folds up into a wall or cabinet and can be used for clutter-free storage when you need it, making it an ideal option for folks with limited space.

With a Murphy bed, you can live large in your tiny home.

4. You can customize your Murphy bed to match your aesthetic

One of the leading benefits of Murphy beds is that they are as customizable as they are convenient, so you can modify yours according to your aesthetic and personal needs.

The best Murphy beds come in multiple sizes — twin and queen being the most popular — and can be personalized in several ways to suit your preferences. Depending on your room layout, you may prefer a vertical Murphy bed or a horizontal Murphy bed

You can also choose from a variety of finish options — from stark white to a glorious natural walnut. Or better yet, if you’re a handyperson, you might prefer an unfinished Murphy bed so you can stain or paint it yourself. No matter your tastes or style preferences, there are plenty of Murphy bed options to choose from.

5. Real wood Murphy beds integrate with their environment 

Real wood Murphy beds have undergone further design development, and when folded up, they remarkably resemble a cabinet or closet in the room. 

As mentioned above, you may choose a finish that complements the existing design components in your space, thanks to the diversity of finish options. A real wood Murphy bed can be stained to match your decor, offering a beautiful wood finish that makes your Murphy bed functional and stylish.

The customization options make for effortless integration in any room of the house, so you can rest assured that your Murphy bed will make you feel at home

6. Boost your resale value with a Murphy bed

A Murphy bed is an excellent way for homeowners to efficiently use their space and boost the value of their property.

Most changes you make to your house can raise its resale value. Because a modern Murphy bed is already placed and doesn't require someone to buy it brand-new and finish the installation, it can enhance resale value. This is also a desirable feature if you decide to rent out your house. Since you can stow the Murphy bed away for however long is necessary, the decision between a space being a bedroom or merely an extra room remains.

So if you have a house or apartment with an extra bedroom and want to sell your home, consider installing a Murphy bed!

7. Bonus Benefit: You can use any mattress with a Murphy bed 

Here’s a Murphy bed bonus benefit for you: 

You can set up any standard-size mattress on top of your Murphy bed, so you may not even need to purchase a new mattress. Alternatively, you can upgrade and provide a high quality hosting experience for your guests or even yourself if you are the end user. 

Closing Considerations

When it comes to maximizing space at an affordable price, a Lori Bed Murphy bed is your best friend. 

This versatile sleeping solution comes in a range of customizable options, making it ideal for anyone who wants a bed that suits their style and needs perfectly. 

When you consider all of the benefits that this bed has to offer, one thing becomes clear:

Our Murphy bed is an investment that pays for itself.

Buy yours from Lori Beds today! 


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