Home Office Gym Ideas

Home Office Gym Ideas

Has working remotely limited how you use the space in your home? Do you have to choose between a home office or a gym? Learn how to combine the two stylishly.

Many people are now working remotely, leaving them feeling like they need to make tough choices about how to use limited space in their homes. It might mean considering paying for a pricey gym membership because you no longer have space for morning workouts. Or paying for a co-working membership because you need the spare room for yoga. But there’s a much easier way to do things  - you can combine your home office and gym. 

In this article, we’ll share some design tips that make it quick and simple to get a home office gym. And not one that is haphazardly thrown together, but instead is modern, stylish, and completely functional. 

Benefits of Having an Office and Gym In Your Home

Having an office and gym in your home in one space saves you money and time. It doesn’t get any better than that. 

Save Money

Bringing your office and gym into your home means you no longer need to pay those monthly fees for a fitness facility or co-working space. You’ll also reduce time in your car which means spending less on gas each week.

Save Time

Forget about driving to and from your fitness class and then to work. Since your office and everything you need for your workout are located in your home, you’ll be able to spend time doing more important things than driving. You can get those quality moments with your family and friends, or even use that extra hour or two for some peace and quiet.

Things You Might Need 

Here are a few things you might need for transforming a room into the ultimate office and gym:

Murphy Bed

You’re going to need space. Adding a Murphy Bed to your room is the perfect way to create that space. By easily folding up and down, a Murphy Bed gives your home the flexibility you need to have the most functional home office gym possible. 


An office desk doesn’t need to be fancy, but it does need to be comfortable and sturdy. Try not to compromise too much quality for cost. If purchasing a standing desk, read reviews when possible and do some research before making the final decision.

Storage for Filing and Office Items

Adding books to your home office? You’ll need a place to store those. Plus any extra pens, papers, note cards, and all those other office items that tend to collect over time. Choosing simple, no-frill storage accessories will keep your office gym looking professional. 

Storage for Exercise Accessories

From resistance bands to foam rollers and everything in between, consider adding a separate storage box for your exercise gear. Better yet, a Murphy Bed is a great place to keep all your exercise accessories in one easy-to-reach spot. 

Yoga Mat

Sitting and standing at a desk for hours on end can really make your back and shoulders tight. By doing some gentle yoga throughout the day, even if just for a few minutes, you’ll stretch all those muscles and feel so much better returning to your computer. All you need is a yoga mat!

Space for a Stationary Bike

If you have a stationary bike or treadmill, make sure you have enough space to add it without making the room feel cluttered. While a Murphy Bed will definitely open up a lot of space for you, we recommend deciding where to put the stationary bike and Murphy Bed before moving in everything else. 


Adding a mirror to a room is a classic move - it not only gives you a way to ensure you’re maintaining proper exercise form, but it will make your room look more spacious.  

Design Ideas

Keep it Simple

Simple is best when creating your home office and gym. Before you start purchasing items, have two or three colors in mind that you like and stick to them. If you choose a yoga mat and mirrors and storage containers all in very different colors, the room is going to look chaotic. And who wants to work (and exercise) in a stressful space? No one. Beige and cream themes can be great because they automatically create a calm, peaceful vibe. 

Add A Rug

You can also consider adding a nice rug under your desk and under your stationary bike. Again just try to keep the colors neutral and consistent for the most stress-free aesthetic. Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring - you can choose a textured rug for adding a bit of pop to your room. 


Whether real or fake, placing plants throughout your home office gym will give it a welcoming, relaxing feeling. If you decide to use real plants, rubber plants are a classic and require very little care. Other easy options include aloe plants, ZZ plants, and snake plants. If you want to go big and grand with your plant selection, the peace lily is always a smart choice. 

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