Murphy Beds vs. Cabinet Bed

Murphy Beds vs. Cabinet Bed

-Social Media Summary: Trying to decide between a Murphy Bed vs. a Cabinet Bed? Learn how the Lori Bed can transform any room into the modern, fully-functional space of your dreams for both you and your guests.


When it comes to saving space, a multi-functional bed is the best solution. For those who live in a home with only one bedroom or a studio apartment, a bed that folds up during the day and pulls out at night is a great way to still have friends and family stay with you.

If you’re trying to decide on purchasing a Murphy bed vs. a cabinet bed, how do you know which one is the better choice?

Answer: The Lori Bed. The Lori Bed is a modern Murphy bed with the features needed to meet the needs of both you and your guests - flawlessly designed, fully functional, sustainably sourced, can be placed anywhere, and easy to assemble.

In this article, we’ll discuss in detail why the Lori Bed is the better option for hosting guests and saving space.

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What is a Murphy Bed?

A Murphy bed maximizes space in a room, easily folding up and creating both flow and function while providing your guests with a comfortable place to sleep. The traditional Murphy bed was invented in 1908 by a man named William Lawrence Murphy and has continued to grow in popularity over the last century.

But a lot has changed since the initial design. The Lori Bed is the perfect example of what a modern Murphy bed can be, giving you more space where you need it most and crafted for the ultimate level of efficiency with a contemporary aesthetic.


What is a Cabinet Bed?

A cabinet bed is a stand-alone bed that is located within a cabinet. Just like other cabinets, the frame is made of wood and provides storage space which often includes multiple hardware pieces such as handles for any drawers. While a cabinet bed might share some similarities to a Murphy bed, Murphy beds offer significant benefits that cabinet beds fall short of.

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Disadvantages of a Cabinet Bed

A cabinet bed might seem like a good choice when you need to save space, but they include several drawbacks:

Difficult Installation: Cabinet beds can take hours to assemble, as a result of their multiple parts. They often come with at least two drawers (if not more) that need to be individually assembled, as well as hardware pieces for each of the drawers. As a result of their somewhat large size and numerous parts, they also often require a long list of instructions. Be prepared to spend an entire afternoon and (potentially evening) setting up your bed.

Taking Up Space: Cabinet beds are typically only available in a horizontal position, which results in them taking up quite a bit of space. If you have smaller rooms, these beds often will not fit. This ends up limiting which types of homes you can place them in.

Expensive: Last but not least, cabinet beds can be incredibly expensive - usually costing several thousand dollars.

Benefits of The Lori Bed vs. a Cabinet Bed

Modern Design

There are no springs, pistons, or other cumbersome parts (unlike with a cabinet bed). The Lori Bed has a sleek, modern design resulting in a smarter, lighter, and safer bed. When guests are ready to go to sleep, all that needs to be done is simply lowering the bed and locking it.

Easy To Setup

The Lori Bed can be set up in 1 to 2 hours and comes with easy-to-use instructions. As previously mentioned, cabinet beds have a lot of different parts that need to be installed - including all those drawers and hardware pieces.

Can Be Placed In Any Home - Including Tiny Homes and Vacation Rentals

Cabinet beds are often large and bulky, which defeats the purpose of utilizing one in the first place. To use a cabinet bed, chances are you’ll need a large enough room to accommodate its long, horizontal size, which can be difficult for those in a studio, one-bedroom home, or a home with small rooms.

The Lori Bed, on the other hand, can fold up either horizontally or vertically, giving you options for space. Its modern design also means it’s more compact and provides space-saving functionality without dominating a room. This makes it the perfect piece for tiny homes and uniquely-sized vacation rentals (such as guest houses).

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Quality is in the details with the Lori Bed. It’s made from 100% real cabinet-grade, lightweight poplar. The logs are carefully selected based on maturity, straightness, and roundness and sourced through the world’s #1 supplier of sustainable plywood (Garnica).

After log selection, each one is debarked, peeled, cut, and stacked in thin strips of plywood, glued together with a formaldehyde-free binding solution, and cured in a hot press machine for ideal thickness. After the wood has dried, each panel is trimmed, sanded, and finished with a chemical-free UV-resistant compound. Each of the above steps in the wood selection and prepping process makes the Lori Bed incredibly durable and high-quality.

Preserves Floors and Baseboards

While other Murphy beds might need to be attached to floors or baseboards, that is not the case with the Lori Bed. Our Murphy bed doesn’t contain a lifting mechanism, enabling it to use a standalone platform that only attaches to the cabinet when it’s in the upright position. This design helps you to preserve your floors, baseboards, and molding, while still securing your bed in place for guests.

Lori Beds Give Back

When you buy a Lori bed you also give back - For every order placed, we plant 10 trees through the Eden Reforestation Project. Since our partnership first began in 2016 we’ve planted more than 17 acres of forest in Kenya.

Considerations Before Purchasing Your Murphy Bed

Before installing your space-saving Murphy bed, make sure to measure and take note of these general areas in order to ensure your bed will fit:

  • Doorway locations
  • Directions of the swing doors (including closets)
  • Ceiling height
  • Ceiling fan (if applicable)
  • Electrical outlets 

As mentioned, cabinet beds tend to take up a lot of space, so you’ll need more room for those designs.

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Design Ideas For Your Lori Bed

The Lori Bed: The Most Reviewed Murphy Bed in the World

The Lori Bed is the simplest, most functional, and most reviewed Murphy bed available anywhere. It’s made from 100% real cabinet-grade, lightweight poplar and sourced in collaboration with Garnica, the world’s #1 supplier of sustainable plywood. There’s no MDF or particleboard and it’s the only Murphy bed on the market without springs, pistons, and other cumbersome lifting mechanisms. 

Transform your guest room into a stylish and functional living space, while saving hundreds of dollars. The Lori Bed is available in multiple sizes, orientations, and colors, and includes detailed assembly instructions.

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