Is a Murphy Bed a Good Idea?

Is a Murphy Bed a Good Idea?

Your home has limited square footage. But if you’re not using it efficiently, you’re likely experiencing an imbalance in your space.

Some of you may be living in chaos. Your bed takes up most of the room, and your decor and personal items clutter the minimal space you do have to move around. You may even bump into things, knocking lamps around and stubbing your toes on your bed frame. It’s cramped, dysfunctional, and downright uncomfortable. 

For others, your living space is skeletal. There are little to no personal effects because you do not have room for them. It’s minimalistic at best and void of personal sentiment at worst. Sure, it does the job and gives you a place to sleep at night. But it isn’t cozy, and it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s your space.

With the simplicity, customizability, and efficient functionality of a Murphy Bed, you can feel at home in your space, no matter the square footage. You may even want to take advantage of your ability to make a multifunctional space you can use when you aren’t sleeping.

What is a Murphy Bed?

A Murphy bed is a dual-purpose sleeping solution designed to save space. The bed uses vertical space by folding up against the wall when not in use, making it ideal for folks working with limited square footage. 

Investing in a Murphy bed enables you to improve your interior environment with additional functionality and space optimization. In turn, your Murphy bed will instantly transform your living environment, so you can make your space feel like home. 

The Pros of a Murphy Bed

With its dual functionality, you can use a Murphy bed in place of the traditional bed in your home — all while opening up your space and giving back your valuable square footage.

If that isn’t amazing enough, keep reading to learn some additional benefits a Murphy bed can bring to your bedroom!

Efficient Functionality 

Every inch of space counts when square footage is at a premium, and it's crucial to use it as efficiently as possible. Traditional beds and most alternative sleeping solutions take up too much room and make it challenging to shift furniture around so you can use the space for other purposes.

Murphy beds, however, are space-efficient. As discussed above, the bed folds flat against the wall when not used for sleeping. With this folding capability, a Murphy bed opens up your space, offering you many new ways to utilize the available square footage for other furniture and decor items. As a result, a Murphy bed enables you to use your space how you see fit. 


When you live in a small studio or a tiny apartment, it's common to use a single room for numerous purposes. That said, multipurpose spaces are clutter-prone by nature, and chaos can quickly take over your living quarters if you aren't careful.

Lori Murphy Bed with built-in shelving

A Murphy bed with built-in shelving is an excellent solution because it is simplistic and functional in its design and gives you more space to store your belongings. For example, if you have no spare room on your desk or media stand but need a spot to put your favorite video games, you can use the shelves on the back of your Murphy bed to display them. Additionally, the shelves free up valuable floor space for furniture and decor, allowing for flexible, functional, and clutter-free storage throughout your home.


Whether you want to create a cozy sleeping space in your studio apartment or an elegant bedroom in your minimalist loft, the right sleeping solution will suit any space or decor style you can imagine. 

One of the leading benefits of a Murphy bed is that it is customizable, allowing you to modify yours according to your aesthetic preferences and personal needs. For example, to ensure your Murphy bed matches your space and color scheme, you can pick from several finish options, such as white, natural, and walnut. Or, if you’re handy with a paintbrush, you can opt for an unfinished Murphy bed and apply any paint or stain you like.

Finally, you can choose your bed size and orientation. Twin and queen sizes are the most popular for Murphy beds. Depending on your needs, room layout, and the unit's design, you may prefer a vertical Murphy bed or a horizontal one to match aesthetics and maximize effectiveness.

Sleep Soundly On Your Murphy Bed

The multiple benefits and options on the market make a Murphy bed a modern sleeping solution suitable for all spaces, styles, and sleeping preferences. But if you’re looking for a Murphy bed’s simplicity and efficient functionality with an added element of elegance and customization, there’s only one name you need to know:

Lori Beds. 

Lori Beds is one of the world’s most beloved Murphy bed producers and distributors. Their real-wood Murphy bed is among the highest-rated sleeping solutions in America and around the world.

The Lori Bed is the only Murphy bed on the market that functions without the need for springs, pistons, or other cumbersome lifting mechanisms. While users will need a little extra strength or a partner's help to lower, lift, and lock it into place, the innovative design results in a lighter, safer, and more durable Murphy bed — all for a better price. 

Additionally, sensitive sleepers don’t need to worry about discomfort. The Lori Bed accommodates any standard-size mattress, so you can keep your memory foam and sleep better than you thought possible. Should you need help with your bed, you have 60 days to initiate a return for any reason, plus a lifetime of support. You can buy your Lori Bed with complete confidence that help will be there if something goes wrong or the bed just isn’t the right fit for you.

Finally, the Lori Bed is customizable, available in twin and queen sizes, vertical and horizontal orientations and four finish options — each of which includes storage shelves for you to display your favorite decor items and knick-knacks when the bed is not in use. So if limited square footage is a concern, you can rest assured that a Lori Bed will suit you and your space, no matter the size. 

The Final Verdict

The right sleeping solution ensures that your living space is comfortable and functional, with a bed that suits your style, serves its purpose, and makes you feel at home in your environment.

With its simplicity, customizability, and efficient functionality, a Murphy bed from Lori Beds brings balance back into your space. 

Browse the bed selection and buy yours today!


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Moreen Mosconi from Florida is delighted with their new Murphy bed:

“Absolutely love it. We purchased the unfinished and put a polyethylene clear stain water base to bring out the natural wood and it turned out beautiful!”

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