How To Turn an Office Into a Guest Room

How To Turn an Office Into a Guest Room

Ready to transform your home office into a relaxing guest room without compromising the quality of your workspace? Check out these 6 tips.

1. Use a Murphy Bed

The Lori Bed gives you space and functionality for the perfect solution to creating a stylish dual home office and guest room.

2. Create a Nook

Place an extra-comfy chair with a throw blanket in one corner of the room, along with a small side table. It will quickly become the perfect nook for your guests to read and relax.

3. Keep the Design Simple

Less is usually more when turning an office into a guest room, so don’t worry about stuffing the space with a ton of extra items. Not every inch of the room needs to be covered, especially if it’s already on the smaller side.

4. Add a Desk with Wheels

Consider adding a rolling desk to your home office workspace. This makes it quick and easy to roll the desk away when family or friends are visiting.

5. Use Multiple Lighting Options

Place two or three lighting options around the room and avoid using any stale, harsh lighting. The purpose is to create a space that is comfortable. For example, you can add a candle next to the bed for a calming touch and a nice light next to the desk for working.

6. Choose Soft Colors

Earth tones will help the space to feel naturally relaxing and inviting, a mood that works well for both an office and guest bedroom.

The Lori Bed: Where Tradition Meets Taste

The Lori Bed is the simplest, most functional, and most reviewed Murphy Bed available anywhere. It’s made from 100% real wood from poplar plywood and sourced in collaboration with Garnica, the world’s #1 supplier of sustainable plywood. It’s the only Murphy Bed on the market without springs, pistons, and other cumbersome lifting mechanisms.

Transform your home office into a stylish and functional guest room, while saving hundreds of dollars. The Lori Bed is available in multiple sizes, orientations, and colors, and includes detailed assembly instructions.