The Space Saving Advantages of a Murphy Bed

The Space Saving Advantages of a Murphy Bed

Space is a rare commodity, but most of us don't think about how much of it we have. Until we have to go without it, that is.

You’re one of those people. 

And okay, fine. You make do with what you have. You cut back on the clutter and edit your closet. You take the Marie Kondo approach, if it doesn’t bring you joy, it goes. 

But that only goes so far. 

With enough tossing and reorganizing, you reach a point where, if editing continues, you won’t have anything left — and that just won’t do. So, you dig out your laptop from your desk slash dresser, make yourself comfortable on your mattress, and let the research begin. 

You plug 'tiny apartment + space-saving solution' into your search bar and let Google do the work. Results rapidly populate the page, instantly plunging you into an endless abyss of blogs, book reviews, podcasts, and videos. It's overwhelming, but you're committed to the cause, and thankfully, you don't mind an internet deep-dive.

You spend ages conducting your research. If not for the clock crookedly hung on the wall, the only signal for elapsed time is the food crumbs now bouncing across your keyboard — a cruel reminder of how long you've been at this and your sheer lack of a dining table.

You’re just about ready to abandon your search for the night when you see it: a blog about a space-saving solution that somehow slipped your mind. 

The blog title reads: 'The Space-Saving Advantages of a Murphy Bed.’

Murphy Beds: A Brief Overview 

You open a new tab. 

‘What is a Murphy bed,’ you type, fingernails clack, clack, clacking against the keys.

Here’s what you find: 

A Murphy bed is a dual-purpose furniture item designed to save space. The bed folds upright against a wall or cabinet when not in use. Its folding feature allows users to easily convert the bed back and forth between its two different configurations by lifting and locking it into place with minimal effort. 

Unlike cots and daybeds, a Murphy bed is fully functional. It accommodates a full-size mattress that can easily fit two people and provides adequate support for resting and relaxing purposes.

These features make Murphy beds ideal for people with limited square footage, such as those living in small apartments, college dorm rooms, or tiny homes. 

But how exactly can a Murphy bed help you save space?

How a Murphy Bed Can Help You Save Space

A Murphy bed is a clever way to reclaim your floor space and make your home feel larger. Whether you have a small apartment or a tiny house, there is no better way to squeeze every square inch of floor space out of your home than by adding a Murphy bed to your living environment. 

Here’s how a Murphy bed can help you save space: 

Murphy Beds Make Small Spaces Feel Larger

Every inch counts when square footage is at a premium. You’re cramped for room and you must use every possible option to make your space work for your needs. 

Space Saving Lori Murphy Bed

Unfortunately, many sleeping solutions are too big for small spaces. Alternatives like futons and pull-out sofas are out of the question — they use more room than they give back, taking up valuable floor space even when folded away. You know this, yet you still try to cram your luxurious  queen-sized bed into a cluttered corner of your studio apartment or small bedroom, guest room or anything room you are using for multi-functions. 

You’ll be relieved to learn that you don’t have to sacrifice space for comfort or vice versa. Murphy beds easily fold up against the wall or into a cabinet when not in use, allowing you to open up your space and keep its original layout intact. With this folding capability, a Murphy bed can make any room feel bigger. 

Use a Murphy Bed to Make a Multipurpose Room

When you live in a small space, it's common to use one room for various purposes. After all, efficiency is essential in cramped quarters. 

Whether your office doubles as your guest suite or your bedroom as your home gym, it makes sense to have multipurpose furniture. It allows you to convert the room from one use case to another. That's where Murphy beds come in handy — they're versatile and can make any room multifunctional.  

Because it folds up and out of the way, a Murphy bed takes up minimal floor space and preserves the room's function without sacrificing style or comfort. It also offers flexibility. Since you can hide it away until needed, it allows you to use your space as you see fit at any given time — an extra sleeping space or an intimate reading nook — and then transforms once again into something else entirely.

A Murphy Bed with Built-In Storage Can Reduce Clutter

Some Murphy beds on the market, such as the Lori Bed, have shelves built into the unit. A Murphy bed with built-in shelving is a great way to reduce clutter and free up floor space for other uses. 

For instance, if you have a multipurpose room prone to clutter, you likely need extra storage options to accommodate your belongings. A Murphy bed with built-in storage allows you to use your limited space more efficiently and effectively by providing ample storage that is convenient and visually appealing, a Murphy bed with built-in shelving allows the bed to blend seamlessly with its surroundings. 

Murphy Beds and Home Makeovers: A Match Made in Heaven

A Murphy bed offers an excellent opportunity for space-savers and DIY enthusiasts looking for ways to maximize their space without breaking their budget — or their backs.

A customizable Murphy bed allows you to purchase a bed that perfectly suits your space — no need to settle for something that doesn't fit. You can also choose a finish that complements your existing design. The best part? Integration is effortless, so your Murphy bed will fit seamlessly into any space, with any aesthetic.

Home renovations can be expensive. With a Murphy bed, adding functionality to your space for a fraction of the cost is well within your reach. 

Closing Considerations

There are many things to love about Murphy beds, but the space-saving solutions belong at the top of the list. 

A Murphy bed can maximize your space, opening up your living environment and making it feel larger. This is especially helpful if you live in a studio or small apartment that leaves little room for negotiation. 

With a Murphy bed, you can make even the smallest of shoebox apartments work for you. All that’s left to do is hit ‘add to cart’! 


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