The Best Examples of Murphy beds in Interior Design

The Best Examples of Murphy beds in Interior Design

Reclaiming square footage in small or underused room is one of the main reasons why Murphy beds have become so popular among homeowners and renters in recent years.
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 unfolding apartment with murphy bed

Imagine the possibilities of extra space.  

Reclaiming square footage in small or underused room is one of the main reasons why Murphy beds have become so popular among homeowners and renters in recent yearsAnd they are not alone. Top interior designers are incorporating wall beds to deliver high-function and high-design for their clients around the world 

Melinda Orlie-Katsiris, founder of Orlie Katsiris Staging & Interiors in New York City, told Brick Underground that Murphy beds play right into the conversation around what she calls 'right-sizing,' which is the idea that no matter the size of your space,. Katsiris said she has installed wall beds for young professionals in studio apartments, single parents juggling multiple kids in a one bedroom, and families in large four-bedroom apartments 

“The bed is a perfect size and fits like a glove whether up or down. Murphys are a hit these days!,” Katsiris stated in the article.  

The versatility of a Murphy bed makes it a great investment — and you’re not limited to one style. Furniture makers like Lori Wall Beds craft a variety of models in different orientations and finishes, making them ideal for any aesthetic.   

Here are some of the best examples of Murphy beds in interior design.  

The Unfolding Apartment   

unfolding apartment with a murphy bed

When you search interior design and Murphy bed in the same sentenceyou’ll quickly discover designer Michael K Chen, owner of studio Michael K Chen Architecture 

Chen’s “Unfolding Apartment” has been featured in a variety of major publications for its celebration of high-design and clever functionality. Chen renovated this compact 400-square-foot studio in Manhattan for a young single man who entertains frequently, has house guests, and works occasionally from home.  

The challenge was to divide a small space into even smaller individual rooms and spaces. The solution is this custom-made single oversized cabinetry piece that was inserted along one wall. Painted in an eye-catching blue, the unit features a fold-out bed, a desk, a table, kitchen storage, and other extras.   

Modern Meets Eclectic  

modern murphy bed

Bloomberg, The New York Times, ForbesUSA Today and The Wall Street Journal are some of the media outlets that have interviewed and featured designer Kerrie Kelly for her design expertise. Kelly is known for using her eye for style to transform lackluster spaces into functional and fun rooms where families want to spend time.  

She incorporated a Murphy bed with custom white cabinetry into an eclectic modern bedroom/office in Sacramento, CaliforniaMedium tone wood floors and beige walls were brought to life with pops of bright yellow and bold bedding pattern, making for a visually interesting yet sophisticated place to unwind.  

Mirco-Flat Makeover  

mirco flat with murphy bed

Who knew plywood could be so elegant? Milanese architects Marcello Bondavalli, Nicola Brenna and Carlo Alberto Tagliabue of Studio Wok certainly saw the potential 

The design team took space-saving tricks and tips to the next level in this 300-square-foot micro-flat in Italy. Paneling crafted from Batipin plywood (a type of pine) cleverly conceals the kitchen and bathroom in the studio. As featured in the design publication Dwell, one of the pine wood panels hides away a Murphy bed for sleeping.   

Pretty in Pink  

pink murphy bed

What was the inspiration behind the home that has been described as “the smallest house in London”?  

A tiny space like this has to be designed like one would design the interior of a caravan or boat," designer Nina Tolstrup told UK publication Dezeen. "Everything has to be custom designed as there is no room for any off the shelf furniture, which was a great challenge." 

Tolstrup is the co-founder of Studiomania in London. Her team overhauled this single-story home with a clever series of highly-functional foldoutsStudiomania incorporated adjustable plywood furniture throughout the home including a wall bed, a standing desk and extendable dining benches adorned with pink cushions for a bright pop of color.  

Fit for an Architect  

dba murphy bed

Los Angeles-based firm Dan Brunn Architecture was tasked with taking an historic LA home into the 21st century. This residence was originally designed by visionary architect Frank Gehry in the 1970s and is currently home to a modern visual artist and his family.  

Dubbed project “hide out,” Brunn infused elements of Japanese minimalism throughout the interior. Modernist touches like glass, concrete and metal all play a role in the design as a homage to the original architect.  

 A Murphy bed as also a key design element. A built‐in wall bed emerges from the floor‐to‐ceiling bookcase to transform the library into a guest roomDesignboom has a full account about how Brunn reimagined this magical home.  

Murphy beds are an amazing solution for making a lot out of a little. That goes for small abodes and for traditional homes. Whether you live in a 500-square-foot tiny home or a 5,000-square-foot mansion, Murphy beds are an eye-catching feature that makes any space multifunctional.   

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