A Guide to Purchasing Space-Saving Murphy Beds in Austin, TX

A Guide to Purchasing Space-Saving Murphy Beds in Austin, TX

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Living spaces in Austin, Texas, are getting more efficient and flexible. With urban areas becoming more populated, people create solutions to maximize space in their homes. If you're living in Austin, multifunctional furniture is an excellent option to cater to your small living space. You need one that can function as your bed, seating area, and storage all at the same time.

This is where Murphy beds come into the picture. These wall beds can be tucked against the wall by day and become a sleeping area by night. The uniqueness of these wall-mounted beds combines style and functionality in one product. You get a stylish bed with multiple uses, giving you the needed space in your home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Living in Austin requires multifunctional furniture for those living in small spaces.
  • Murphy beds save space by folding up the wall whenever it's not in use.
  • Lori Beds offers high-quality, durable, and easy-to-assemble beds.


Benefits of Murphy Beds in Austin
The Lori Beds Advantage
The Lori Mattress: Optimal 5-Layer Comfort in Small Spaces
What Murphy Beds Austin, TX Purchasers Can Get
Purchasing and Installation in Austin
Buy Your Murphy Beds in Austin, TX Today


Benefits of Murphy Beds in Austin

Buying these folding beds can give you the following benefits:

  • Space-Saving: The increasingly competitive Austin housing market calls for small living spaces, especially in urban areas. A Murphy bed can help maximize the house's space by folding it against walls or cabinets when not in use, allowing you to utilize the extra floor space for your other activities.
  • Stylish: Murphy beds come in different colors that suit modern home aesthetics. The wall bed allows you to live comfortably without compromising functionality.
  • Flexibility: Life in Austin combines work, leisure, and socializing in one area, and these pull-down beds can cater to that. One room serves multiple purposes. Your home office can be an instant guest room without actually dedicating a space for one.
  • Convenience: You can install the hidden beds if there's enough wall space. It's an attractive option for residents who want to utilize a living space without major renovations.
  • Cost-Effective: Buying a Murphy wall bed is much cheaper than investing in a larger property for the time being. This can appeal to young professionals or anyone wanting to downsize their homes.

These space-saving beds can help you adapt to the modern city living in Austin while still making the most out of your space in the house.

The Lori Beds Advantage

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Out of the many options for convertible beds, Lori Beds can offer these perks that may upgrade your living experience:

Real Wood Construction

Lori Beds are built for longevity and durability. They're made of high-quality, real wood, as opposed to other beds made of engineered wood. Lori Beds can give you the beauty of natural, real wood.

Cabinet-Grade Poplar Plywood

These hideaway beds ensure top-notch strength and additional support with cabinet-grade Poplar Plywood. This material has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it perfect for furniture construction.

Easy Assembly

Lori Beds are easy to assemble, ditching any need for tools and complicated hardware. They're a convenient choice for your DIY home projects.

Space-Saving Design

Lori Beds feature a space-saving design, allowing them to be folded into a cabinet when unused. This makes them ideal for small spaces or rooms that serve multiple functions.

Customizable Options

You can customize Lori Beds however you like. Add side cabinets, a support leg that provides additional support, and anything that makes your custom Murphy beds functional. Make sure it suits your home decor to make the bed more personalized.

Designed for Austin’s Dynamic Lifestyle

Austin is an environmentally conscious city. Since Lori Beds are made of natural wood and supported by Poplar Plywood, they're meant to last long. It eliminates the need to change parts or the whole bed every few years, lessening the number of discarded beds that are considered waste.

Practical for Home Office Setup

The durable material and convenient storage of Lori Beds are ideal for a home office setup. When these fold-down beds are tucked into the wall, you can use the free floor space as your home office. Add a desk and chair and install some shelves and cabinetry, like upper cabinets, near your bed to make it look like a working space anytime.


The Lori Mattress: Optimal 5-Layer Comfort in Small Spaces

The mattress you need for your Murphy bed should be exactly made for it, and Lori Beds go with Lori mattresses. Let's explore it layer by layer:

Organic Cotton Cover

It's the bed's first layer that keeps moisture away and promotes healthy airflow. The rayon layer guards the mattress against dust mites and prevents the start of fire.

Cooling Memory Foam

This second layer has a cooling gel, which evaporates heat and contours to your body's shape. It helps in reducing uncomfortable pressure points in your body.

Medium-Firm Memory Foam

The third layer helps distribute weight evenly throughout the bed, so it won't sag easily.

Pocketed Coils

The fourth layer contains hundreds of individually pocketed coils that provide targeted support and minimize motion between transfers.

Firm Edge Coils

These coils support the edges, improving the mattress's stability and durability when stored upright.

What Murphy Beds Austin, TX Purchasers Can Get

If you're purchasing a Murphy bed from Lori Beds, you'll get these convenient perks:

  • Fast and Free Shipping: Wherever you are in the United States, we deliver your bed to your doorstep. You don't need to wait long for your bed to arrive after placing your order.
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee: We'll give you 60 days to determine if the bed fits your preferences. If yes, it's all yours. If not, you get back what you paid for the bed.
  • World-Class Customer Service: Our team will handle your questions and concerns the moment you transact with us. It's our commitment to provide you with prompt service with every transaction.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Yes, you read it right. All parts of the bed have warranties that last a lifetime. You can easily replace one part if it no longer works the same way.

Purchasing and Installation in Austin

Buying cabinet beds from your Murphy bed retailer is simple with the proper guidance. Here are a few steps to follow when you purchase a quality Murphy bed:

Research and Plan

Choose the Murphy bed size based on sleeping requirements and current home space. Take note of any additional features you want, like desks and side cabinets. Research Murphy bed brands to find one that fits your budget and style preferences.

Visit Local Showrooms

Spend time in local furniture stores and showrooms that offer more Austin wall beds. Ask a sales representative about the beds, including the price and customization options.

Order the Bed

You can order the bed in-store or online once you've chosen a design. Confirm the delivery date schedule or pickup options before paying.

Delivery and Setup

Once you get your new Murphy bed, set it up by following the instructions in the manual. Arrange for a moving vehicle if you're picking up the bed from the store yourself.

Buy Your Murphy Beds in Austin, TX Today

Lori Beds are your best options when enhancing your Austin homes. Its construction and durability stand the test of time. Buying one is a great way of adding value to your home. You can add a makeshift guest room when you pull it down and use more space when pulling it up.

If you need a range of Lori Beds, explore our website and see which one you like. Our high-quality beds are worth the investment. We're committed to meeting your expectations and providing you with high-quality beds.