What are the Most Creative Murphy Bed Ideas for Modern Homes?

What are the Most Creative Murphy Bed Ideas for Modern Homes?

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The luxury of having an excellent space to retreat in after a long and stressful day is beyond bliss. With the little space in your home, getting functional and versatile beds like Murphy beds is an excellent choice.

These wall beds give you more floor space, especially if you live in a studio apartment. Mount them on a wall, and it won’t look like you have a bed in there. They’re getting a surge in popularity again for their space-saving benefits.

Having a creative and innovative bed for your modern home makes way for a comfortable space. If you’re looking to save space in your home, we've got you covered.

Key Takeaways:

  • Creative Murphy bed ideas for your home
  • The different kinds of classic Murphy beds
  • How to make these bed ideas come true


Classic Murphy Bed Designs: A Quick Recap
Creative Murphy Bed Ideas for Small Spaces


Classic Murphy Bed Designs: A Quick Recap

Before we dive into bed ideas, here are the classic Murphy bed designs you can choose from.

A. Traditional wall-mounted Murphy beds

This bed is attached to the wall with steel frames to lift the bed frame and mattress up and down. You can put this bed back on the wall if you’re not using it, making this a great solution to save space in limited square footage.

B. Vertical and horizontal fold-down options

Horizontal and vertical fold-down beds have a slight difference. The horizontal ones are shorter but wider. The vertical ones are the most common because the bed is narrower and it uses the bed’s full weight. Make the most out of your bed with the fold-down you choose.

C. Classic cabinet-concealed Murphy beds

Cabinet-concealed Murphy beds blend with the aesthetics of your bedroom. It’s the same color as the rest of your cabinet, so it won’t be obvious that you have a bed behind it. The cabinet gives more space when you need to use the room as a guest bedroom.

Creative Murphy Bed Ideas for Small Spaces

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There are lots of ways to turn your Murphy beds into a piece of multipurpose furniture. Take note of these suggestions below to make your Murphy bed a work of art:

1. Murphy Beds with Built-In Storage

These pull-down beds have built-in shelving for storage. You can keep your stuff inside the storage spaces of this bed. Using the vertical space of this Murphy bed efficiently saves you from clutter.

They cost from around $1,000 to more than $3,000 per piece.

2. Desk-Integrated Murphy Beds

This is perfect for people who are working remotely in a home office setup and looking for convertible beds. The bed is concealed behind the table’s board. Once you clear the table, pull the board down, and you’ll see a bed you can sleep on. Use the desk below the bed as a temporary storage area.

If you’re in a studio apartment, this bed with a desk is an economical option. It’s a dedicated workspace and a bed space rolled into one.

3. Murphy Beds with Sofa Integration

What would you think if the sofa and a Murphy bed joined forces? Not literally, but it’s about turning your sofa into a bed when you sleep at night.

In Murphy beds with sofa integration, the bed is concealed behind the sofa. You need to pull the bed down and cover the sofa when you sleep at night. This convenient setup is a little similar to sofa beds. But with this, you can have a comfortable seat by day and a sleeping space by night or vice versa. Put the sofa bed beside the window to get the best view, whether you’re sitting or lying down.

4. Bunk Bed Murphy Beds

These beds in bunk style are a great way to use more space in a small room. The bunk beds are placed horizontally on the wall with a little space in between. It’s folded on the wall by day and opened at night. Safety barriers and a locking ladder are included in these fold-down beds. You don’t have to worry about your child on the top bunk falling over to the floor.

You only need minimal effort in customizing bunk beds. Try using color-coordinated pillowcases and bed sheets to make the children’s sleeping place look pleasant.


5. Murphy Beds with Play Space

Having a play space and cabinet beds in one room is a match made in heaven. Fold the bed on the wall while not in use. Then, use the cabinets as storage for your child’s toys.

In decorating a play space, you should:

  • Line the walls with colorful wallpaper. Most children like colorful surroundings. Make the space bright for them.
  • Put a chalkboard wall for the children to use when they want to write something. It may help stimulate their imagination and practice their writing skills.
  • Use cute and colorful storage bins. Label each bin and teach your children to put their stuff in the right place. This teaches them to be responsible with their belongings.
  • Use easy-to-clean flooring. We all know children are very active while playing. Along with that is the inevitable line of mess after playtime. Wood, tile, and vinyl are the easiest flooring materials to clean.

Bursting colors are your best friend when creating a play space for children. Make sure the place is safe for children to run around, even with hideaway beds.

6. Multi-Functional Murphy Beds

These folding beds save you money from buying more pieces of furniture. A multi-functional Murphy bed can act as a dining space and workspace whenever you need to. Just do some rearranging, and you’re good to go.

Multi-functional beds are best used when you have lots of things in your apartment, and you need one piece of furniture to store them. You can have a closet, a place to keep important documents, and a table to work on for any task you want.

7. Customizable Murphy Beds

When you buy one, it comes as plainly as it is. Customizing a Murphy bed to your taste depends on how you do it. You can do the work yourself or collaborate with artists and designers who can bring your idea of hidden beds to life.

If you’re customizing your bed, be prepared to shell out cash and work long hours to finish your piece. When you’re hiring an artist, always elaborate on your ideas and needs to avoid miscommunication.

8. Outdoor Murphy Beds

There are times when you just want to chill outside and enjoy the view from your house on a sunny day. But instead of sitting on chairs, you’re lying on a Murphy bed!

Yes, it’s possible to mount the bed on the wall and pull it down when you want to use it. Just make sure you choose wall-mounted beds made of wood that’s resistant to various weather conditions.


The creative ideas we mentioned can help you customize your Murphy beds in any way you want. These ideas are conceived with functionality and creativity in mind.

Do anything you want with your space-saving beds. Go out of the box and add innovative designs to make the Murphy bed more functional for you.