How Lori Murphy Beds Are Transforming Denver Living Spaces

How Lori Murphy Beds Are Transforming Denver Living Spaces

Lori Beds is committed to transforming homes with its space-saving solutions. Its versatile and customizable beds cleverly use space while maintaining comfort.

In Denver, where housing is competitive in an urban environment, Murphy beds are a practical solution for tiny homes. The beds adapt to your needs at the moment, whether it's a sleeping area or a workspace.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lori Murphy beds are useful for apartments in Denver, especially the small ones.
  • Murphy beds have simple hardware and convenient installation methods.
  • You can get your new Lori Murphy bed within days.


The Need for Space-Saving Solutions in Denver
Benefits of Lori Murphy Beds
Unique Features of Lori Murphy Beds
Transforming Various Living Spaces in Denver
Customer Success Stories
Choosing the Right Lori Murphy Bed for Your Denver Home
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The Need for Space-Saving Solutions in Denver

Denver, Colorado, is the most populous city in the state, with a population of over 700,000. Its scenic beauty, bustling economy, and attractive lifestyle help bring more residents to the city and the surrounding areas. 

Housing in Denver can cost you as much as half a million dollars, and many people opt for apartments, which cost less than houses. Living in apartments means using your space well in any way you can. That's why multifunctional furniture like Murphy beds can use space efficiently inside your home.

These are the challenges of living in small homes in Denver:

  • Limited Square Footage: Apartments are smaller than houses, so you have to be wise when buying things. Creating a comfortable living area with such a small space is challenging.
  • Storage Solutions: Storage is a luxury with little space to spare. When you live in apartments, you'll have limited storage space. You may need to decide which things to keep or throw away.
  • Cost of Living: Denver's cost of living is 11% higher than the national average. If you want to stay on a budget, an apartment or studio space is better than buying an entire house.

Despite these challenges, Murphy beds are effective at maximizing space. Investing in just one bed will pay off when you reap its benefits.

Benefits of Lori Murphy Beds

Here's what you'll get when you buy a Lori Murphy bed:

1) Space-Saving Functionality

These fold-down beds save space, making them a perfect solution in areas with limited space. When not used, folding the bed against the wall utilizes valuable floor space for other activities. Its vertical storage style benefits a studio space and a small apartment.

With space-saving beds like those from Lori Beds, you can convert your little home into a functional workspace, a comfortable sleeping area, a guest room, or an entertainment zone.

2) Customizability

Lori Murphy Beds are customizable wall-mounted beds catering to your needs and preferences. These beds also come with various styles and finishes that seamlessly blend into your Denver home. Whether it's rustic, modern, contemporary, or traditional decor, these pull-down beds are perfect for customization. Choose your own hardware, finishes, and wood type to get a bed that suits your taste and style.

3) Quality and Durability

Lori Murphy beds are lauded for excellent craftsmanship using high-quality materials. With real-wood constructions, these folding beds have a more durable build and aesthetic finish, making any room elegant. A single Murphy bed from Lori Beds is meant to last, have smooth function, and withstand daily use. It provides peace of mind and great value for money for the long haul.


Unique Features of Lori Murphy Beds

24/7 Functionality

Murphy beds are easy to use. They can be folded and unfolded effortlessly, making it quick to transition between a bedroom, working space, and living space. Use the fold-down headboard shelves of these hideaway beds to optimize your storage needs. Keep essential items like documents, books, and decorative pieces within reach whenever needed. The shelves disappear upon folding the cabinet beds up, giving your house a clean look.

Innovative Design

It's fantastic how the Lori hidden beds are designed. They're made of cabinet-grade Poplar plywood, known for its durability and strength. Poplar is made from hardwood layers, making the material robust and stable. Using this material gives your bed a smooth and attractive finish. You can even use a functional desk when the bed is folded whenever you need to work.

Convenience and Assurance

Lori Beds always keeps the customer's convenience and satisfaction in mind. Here's how:

  • Easy Assembly: The folding beds come with clear instructions and essential hardware, so you can assemble the bed within minutes. Assembling a Lori Murphy Bed requires minimal effort, using essential tools to ensure you don't get hassled while setting it up.
  • Fast and Free Shipping: The convertible beds from Lori Beds will arrive at your door within two to four days within the country. When customers get their beds on time, they can quickly enjoy the benefits of a new bed.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty: Lori Murphy Beds offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if the bed doesn't meet your expectations. A lifetime warranty on all hardware and bed parts promptly addresses any issues with the bed.

Transforming Various Living Spaces in Denver

Here are the ways wall beds from Lori Beds can transform your Denver, CO, home:

Apartments and Condos

Denver's bustling areas call for small living spaces, like condominiums and apartments. With limited square footage comes the problem of maximizing the space.

This is where Lori Murphy Beds comes into the picture. By tucking the bed against the wall, you'll have more space to use if you need the space by day. The bed is also helpful for creating zones and smart spaces within your room, especially if you want the comfort modern technology brings. Installing a Murphy bed helps you adapt to your needs, even with a small space.

Family Homes

Murphy beds let you turn your home into a multifunctional space. If guests need to sleep over, these beds can be used as a spare bedroom. The bed can also be a study area for children or a resting area for older family members.

Home Offices

The rise of remote work has prompted more people to create home offices. With a Murphy bed, you can use the bed as a comfortable sleeping area without compromising your sleep at night. Maximize the space and maintain a clutter-free environment while working from home in Denver or anywhere in Colorado.

Customer Success Stories

These comments and testimonials are proof that Lori Murphy Beds are transforming more homes than ever before:

Choosing the Right Lori Murphy Bed for Your Denver Home

Consider these key factors when buying Murphy beds:


Lori Murphy Beds come in Queen, Full, King, and Twin sizes. To get the best bed size, you should:

  • Measure the Room: Get a tape measure and determine the room width, height, and depth where you want to install the bed. Make sure you have enough space to fold the bed up and down and for people to move around when using it. Give enough clearance around the bed when folding it down.
  • Measure the Wall Space: Measure the wall's height where you will mount the bed to ensure it can support the bed's weight when folded up.
  • Consider the Furniture: Plan the installation well so you won't have to move furniture when using the bed. The bed should be accessible when folded down.


Look at your room's existing style and color scheme. Since Lori Beds are available in different designs and finishes, determine how one of these beds can complement your home's aesthetics. Make sure the bed's details blend in with your home decor.


Determine how often you'll use the bed. Make sure it has convenient features, like easy folding mechanisms and accessible storage. Fold-down headboard shelves and functional shelving can make the bed practical and valuable.

Save Space with Lori Beds

Lori Murphy Beds are the ideal solution for saving space in your apartment. They're multifunctional pieces of furniture that can double as storage space. When choosing a Murphy bed, ensure the finish complements your house's interiors.

Head to our website to see more of our Lori Beds collection. Each bed has enough information on why you should buy them. We're here to help with anything you need when looking for Murphy beds.