Do Murphy Beds Come With A Mattress?

Do Murphy Beds Come With A Mattress?

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When you buy a Murphy Bed from Lori Beds, you are buying the frame, cabinet, and the hardware required for assembly. Most Murphy Beds are manufactured to accommodate all standard mattress sizes, so buying the mattress is a cinch. These types of beds do not require special mattresses, although you should take care to know your bed's size before you start shopping. Is your Murphy Bed a full size or queen size? In terms of length and width, buying your Murphy Bed mattress is no different than purchasing a mattress for a standard bed frame.

However, the type of bedding material you select and the height of the mattress are both important to consider for use in a Murphy Bed. This is due to the way the mattress is stored when the bed is not in use. A mattress that is too thick will prevent the bed from closing completely and can lead to damage to both frame and the mattress.

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Mattress Do's and Dont's

Since a Murphy Bed purchase does not include the mattress, you are free to select the mattress that fits your comfort level and lifestyle. But when you are making that selection, you should keep in mind that some materials are not recommended for use in a Murphy Bed frame. While most mattresses are designed and built to remain flat for the duration of their use, a Murphy Bed keeps the mattress in a vertical position for most of the time. As a result, slumping occurs, the bedding can become lumpy, and the mattress may suffer some form of damage over time.

The materials you should avoid in Murphy Bed mattresses are latex, pocketed coils, and gel-top bedding. These types of mattresses can slip out of place and interrupt the proper operation of the frame, causing the mechanism to fail in both lowering and lifting the bed into the cabinet. Latex pocketed coil, and gel-top mattresses are good choices for traditional bed frames but Murphy Beds ruin mattresses made from these materials, and the frames also become badly damaged as a result.

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The Best Mattress Options

So which materials are best for a Murphy Bed? There are two you should consider: memory foam and innerspring mattresses. They each provide comfort, support, and work well in Murphy Beds because they maintain their shape when used in a horizontal position and stored in the vertical.

Memory foam mattresses are ideal because they retain their shape very well over time. They can move into horizontal and vertical positions without showing any signs of significant wear and tear that could pose any potential hazards to the mattress or the frame through the normal, everyday use of a Murphy Bed. Memory foam is also very comfortable and offers varying degrees of support and firmness to meet the particular, unique standards of the user. You can find memory foam mattresses in both soft and firm varieties and they provide exceptional support for the spine, so they are recommended for people who are experiencing chronic back pain.

Innerspring mattresses are a very good option because they are made from a series of metal coils topped with multiple layers of foam core. The dual combination of coils and foam offer plenty of support for those who sleep on their side and on their back. Keep in mind, if you want to avoid pocketed coil innerspring mattresses, opt instead of continuous coils.

Finally, in both instances, don't buy cheap. High-quality foam mattresses, whether you're going with a memory foam model or an innerspring option, are always the best choice. That means staying away from those “mattress in a box” products because they don't incorporate the type of foam that can withstand use in a Murphy Bed for very long before breaking down and losing its shape and support.

Lori Bed Murphy Bed Mattress

The Lori Mattress is the first mattress designed from scratch to be comfortable and long-lasting when stored in a Murphy bed. The medium-firm feel is ideal for guests. Pocketed coils, hand-tufting and cooling foam promote comfortable sleep, while an organic cotton cover and CertiPUR-US foam keeps your family's health in mind.

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