7 Stunning Camper Conversions with Murphy Beds

7 Stunning Camper Conversions with Murphy Beds

Fully equipped with functional kitchens, full bathrooms with showers, and comfortable Murphy beds, these campers are the epitome of form meets function.  
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Camper-Van Conversions are the new Boeing 747s. Since the global pandemic restricted air travel, creative adventurers have been rolling up their sleeves to transform RVs into the ultimate getaway on wheels.  

When you think of a camper or RV, an outdoorsy trip with the family typically comes to mind. But today’s camper conversions are more like rolling retreats that allow you to take your home anywhere the road leads.  

Wanderlust souls are moving into their DIY camper conversions full-time. Outfitted with all the modern comforts and style to boot, they’re giving new meaning to Willie Nelson’s hit singalong “On The Road Again.” Fully equipped with functional kitchens, full bathrooms with showers, and comfortable Murphy beds, these campers are the epitome of form meets function.  

The versatility of a Murphy bed makes it a great fit in these camper conversions — and you’re not limited to one style. Furniture makers like Lori Wall Beds craft a variety of models in different orientations and finishes, making them ideal for small space living.  

Here are some of the best examples of a Murphy bed being installed in a camper conversion. 

Incredible Van Conversion with Murphy Bed & Creative Shower 

If camper dwellings conjure visions of cramped living quarters, this video is going to blow your mind. The creators of Tiny House Giant Journey filmed this segment that will change how you see RVs.  

In this video, high-end sprinter van owner Jarrod Tocci walks us through his incredible van conversion. After living in one- van- dwelling, Tocci quickly realized he could make some improvements to add space.  

Tocci’s clever design allows him to tuck away the kitchen, dining, bathroom, and bedroom when not used by including a Murphy Bed design and a hidden shower. 

Trading Rent for Life on The Road with an Ingenious Murphy Bed Design 

Tiny Home Tours always delivers some of the best examples of small space living with style. In this video, Tiny Home Tours caught up with Lauren, who dove headfirst into the van living lifestyle and made it work for her and her pup.  

Lauren was living in the Washington D.C. area with dreams of one day owning a home when she realized the housing market she was up against. “A bad house in a bad neighborhood started at half a million dollars,” she told Tiny Home Tours.  

Instead of throwing away money on rent, she saw the opportunity for van living. And we’re glad she did. Lauren walks us through her beautifully designed and eco-friendly camper, complete with an ingenious Murphy bed storage solution in this video.  

DIY Van with a Fully Bathroom & Murphy Bed 

In 2018, MarIajosé and Chase knew that corporate life wasn’t in the cards. Chase was affected by a corporate restructure and lost his job. From there, the couple decided to sell their Nashville, Tennessee home and live life differently. 

Their 2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Cargo Van, which they call Chevere, provides a cozy 91-square-feet of living space, but you’d never guess the home was less than 100-square-feet when you stepped inside.  

The creative couple didn’t sacrifice their love of design when they gave up a larger floor plan. This video gives a jaw-dropping tour of their van, which is outfitted with a full-size bath and an innovative fold-up Murphy bed design.  

Conversion with Indoor Shower, Off-grid Solar, & Convertible Bed 

The pandemic fundamentally changed the way Sunny and Luna thought about how they’ve spent their lives together—no more putting their dreams on the back burner. It was time to make a significant change by downsizing.  

Following Sunny’s dream to live life on the road, the couple transformed a Ram Promaster into their rolling home. “We are loving remote living and working from all over the U.S.,” Luna said on the couple’s YouTube channel. “This lifestyle has taught us so much and one of the best parts about it is the community that we have found of incredibly kind and open-minded people who love exploring this planet and living life on their own terms.” 

In this video, Sunny and Luna give the full tour of their sustainable van, which includes a Murphy bed, an indoor shower, and solar panels for electricity. They also document their journey and even provide DIY camper conversion plans on their website. 

Artist Conversion Van with Fold Out Bed 

Cargo Van Conversion is the go-to website for people who want to live their dream life on the road. In this video, they walk you through just how to install a Murphy bed in a camper — with a little extra flair.  

The host installs the cabinets and gives insight into making the place homier by adding a modern oil painting with bright primary colors to contrast the glossy white bed surface when it is in an upright position.

He also plans to attach a foldable desk to the Murphy bed, with another picture to add sophistication to the interior design of the van. 

Fold-Away Bed Enlarges This Well-Crafted Van Conversion 

The website Treehugger highlighted this masterfully designed van conversion. The craftsmanship is top-notch because the builder Ryan Wells is a true woodworking pro. Ryan, who owns Rydawell Woodworks, converted his high-roofed Dodge Promaster into a portable home that he can take with him on work-related trips,  

This van relies on clever convertible designs to create distinct work and rest areas within one space.  

The bed, which typically hogs the most space in a tiny home, was the biggest challenge for Ryan. So, he came up with a custom Murphy bed solution to make the van ideally suited for work and rest. 

Van Conversion Has a Quick-Folding Bed 

Another epic van conversion featured by Treehugger is one man’s dream come true. British mechanical engineer Mark always wanted to take a rock-climbing trip across North America.  

Instead of going to the suffering the high cost of nightly hotels, Mark had a better way to spend his time and money on his nine-month adventure: Sleeping in a fully outfitted camper. He transformed a nondescript white cargo van into an inexpensive home on wheels, using a combination of off-the-shelf and reclaimed materials. 

Mark’s van features solar power, running water, and a fold-out bed. In this video, Mark gives us a tour of his highly functional live-in van. It’s almost hard to believe he only spent $1,000 on materials for the renovations! 

Murphy beds are a fantastic solution for making a lot out of a little. That goes for traditional homes or abodes on wheels. Murphy beds are an eye-catching feature that makes any space multifunctional, whether you live in a 90-square-foot camper conversion or a 5,000-square-foot mansion.    

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