6 Go-To Design Tips for Adding a Murphy Bed to Your Tiny Home

6 Go-To Design Tips for Adding a Murphy Bed to Your Tiny Home

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Tiny homes are all about creating a simple, efficient living space. With most tiny homes ranging between 100 to 400 square feet, it’s important to fully maximize every bit of them. Murphy beds are the ultimate space-savers, making them a great addition to any size home for multifunctional use, including tiny homes.

So, ready to add a murphy bed to your tiny home? Keep these design tips in mind.

Tip 1. Measure! Always measure the exact space of your tiny home before purchasing and adding a murphy bed to it. That way you can be sure the bed will fit perfectly within your home without overcrowding.

Tip 2. Select a Murphy Bed that matches the aesthetic of your tiny home. For example, if your tiny home has more modern vibes to it, choose a murphy bed that is also modern and stylish while remaining multifunctional.

Tip 3. Add an eye-catching picture. When you place a picture or piece of artwork on your Murphy Bed nook, you instantly transform a bland space into one that reflects your own style and personality.

Tip 4. Add a pop of color. Painting the nook of your Murphy Bed a bright or bold color is another fun way to truly customize your tiny home and add some exciting definition to the space.

Tip 5. Consider the lighting. Sure, you can always add a nightstand lamp to go alongside your murphy bed. But if you really want to take things up a notch, opt for LED lighting installation. You can even add a smart plug to the lighting strips that are compatible with Alexa, giving you complete control over your lights without having to lift a finger.

Tip 6. Use a mirror. By adding a mirror to the Murphy Bed’s nook, the space will instantly feel much bigger (not to mention a bit brighter as well, as mirrors tend to bring in light).

Adding a murphy bed to your tiny home has so much potential for helping you maximize your space while showing off your personal taste. And the above tips can make a big difference in elevating the aesthetic of your tiny home.

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