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Lower it, lift it, lock it, love it. The Lori Bed is the only Murphy Bed on the market without springs, pistons, and other cumbersome lifting mechanisms. The result is a smarter, lighter, and safer bed, and that's why our customers love it.

The Murphy Bed Made Simple

Our modern, minimalist murphy bed makes designing your multi-use space easy. With 2 sizes, 2 orientations, and 4 finishes, you’ll quickly find the variation that works best for your family and space.

Design your Dream Space

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Murphy Beds for Home Office

Remote work is the new norm, but space is increasingly a precious commodity. Instead of a new home, with more rooms, our innovative Murphy Bed gives your home the flexibility it needs.

I recently converted a bunkhouse into a home office, but didn't want to remove the bed completely. The Lori Wall Bed was the perfect solution.

Dave N.

Introducing The Furphy Bed!


The Furphy Bed gives your furry friend a cozy retreat while reclaiming your living space. It's functional, fashionable, and a win-win for both you and your pup.

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Quality and Safety are Top Priority

We designed the Lori Bed without a spring-assist mechanism, which removes the risk of accidental closure. Our original design uses a curved bottom to help you lift it up, but we recommend you have someone to help because it can be a little heavy.

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Best Customer Service In The Industry

Our customers love us for a reason… 
“Response was quick, friendly, and effective. Couldn't be happier.” 

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Free shipping

Free shipping on all US orders

Lori Mattress: Tailor-made for your murphy bed

The first mattress designed from the ground up to perfectly pair with your murphy bed.

In as little as 2 hours, your Lori Bed can be assembled and installed in your space. With a few tools and some DIY gusto, you and a friend can get it done and start enjoying your newly expanded, versatile space. If home projects are not your strong suit, we have step by step videos to get you from start to finish.

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How Our Murphy Beds Give Back

Every Lori Bed bought is ten trees planted. To date, with your help, our Murphy Beds have resurrected over 50 acres of Mangrove forests in the most impoverished areas of our beautiful planet.

Click below to learn more about our partnership with ‘The Eden Projects’ and Lori’s commitment to long-term sustainability and environmental progress.




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It is no secret that New York City real estate comes at premium. High prices and small square-footage define the property market in one of the greatest cities in the world to reside.  

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Horizontal queen murphy bed lifted and beautifully decorated

What is a Murphy bed?

If you’re new to the wall bed market, this guide will walk you through all the basic elements before making your Murphy bed purchase. 

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Murphy Beds vs. Cabinet Bed

Trying to decide between a Murphy Bed vs. a Cabinet Bed? Learn how the Lori Bed can transform any room into the modern, fully-functional space of your dreams for both you and your guests.

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We are the only Murphy Bed company on the market that has successfully eliminated the complex, cumbersome lifting mechanisms found in traditional Murphy Beds.

The Lori Bed simply "rolls" up and down along the rounded wooden rockers on the floor, which allows for seamless lifting and lowering of the mattress platform.

This design requires that two able-bodied adults lift and lower together and we strongly recommend against pregnant women and children operating the bed.

Full DIY assembly and wall-mount should take about 1-2 hours. To complete assembly, you will only need a screwdriver, rubber mallet, wrench, stud-finder, and a common drill to mount the Murphy bed cabinet to the wall. You can do most with one person but there are a few steps where it requires a partner to assist.

Our Unfinished Lori Beds are ready for your unique design and touch. An Unfinished bed comes ready to be painted at home and is the perfect option for those that want their Lori Bed to match a specific décor and don’t mind a little extra work.

Painting your Unfinished Lori Bed is imperative to ensure that the wood is protected and will not warp overtime. It will take time -- about 4-8 hours with drying time included.

If you’d rather us do the work for you, we also offer a variety of fully finished Murphy bed options as well!

We have created the Lori Mattress, which will be the best fit for the Lori Bed! The Lori Mattress is the first mattress designed from scratch to be comfortable and long-lasting when stored in a Murphy bed. The support throughout the mattress, as well as the edge support, ensures that it will not sag or slump when being stored on its side.

You can learn more about and purchase your Lori Mattress by clicking here.

If you have a different mattress that you want to use, that is just fine as well. Just be sure that the mattress is 12" thick or less and is not too heavy. We recommend a max of 80 lbs for the Queen and 50 lbs for the Twin, as you and a partner will be using your own strength to lift and lower.

In the continental United States our average delivery time is 3-7 days, and shipping is FREE.

We also ship to Alaska and Hawaii for $499 per Murphy bed with a typical delivery time of 7-14 business days.

Shipping to Canada is $249 per Murphy bed with delivery times ranging from 7-21 business days.

We are unable to ship to any other destinations at this time.

See more frequently asked questions and answers on our FAQ page, or click here to contact us today. Our friendly customer service team is standing by ready to assist! 

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