How to Paint a Paint-Ready Bed

Paint-Ready Lori Beds are made from 100% furniture-grade European Poplar plywood, which needs protection. All Paint-Ready beds should be painted before use, in order to keep the bed beautiful and functional for many years. Our Paint-Ready beds are a great option for those that want a specific color we don't offer and want to put their own creative touch on it.

We do recommend painting your bed after it’s assembled, so as not to cover up the pilot holes needed for assembly as well as to make sure that it’s the right fit for you since you cannot return the bed once it’s been painted.

Sanding:  A bit of sanding with 120 grit sandpaper will help give the cleanest finish, but it isn't necessary. We do recommend that you lightly sand the edges of plywood pieces, as those will be rough due to their unfinished nature.

Tips for painting: a gallon of water-based interior latex paint with primer is the most forgiving product to use. Get the best quality paint you can afford, and your finish will last a long time. Eggshell, matte or semi-gloss paints will show fewer imperfections than high-gloss paints. Water-based enamels and oil-based paints will dry harder and last longer, but they are messy, very strong-smelling as they dry, and require more experience to use.

We do not recommend staining your Paint-Ready Lori Bed.

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