Maximize your Space with these Stylish and Practical Home Furnishings

Maximize your Space with these Stylish and Practical Home Furnishings

Modern design draws on combining form and function with chic, yet practical pieces that are one with the decor instead of an after-thought. From Murphy beds to floating TV stands, these pieces prove you don’t need to sacrifice style to maximize space. 

What could you do with a little extra square footage? Maybe you’d have space to roll out a yoga mat for a morning wellness routine? Or finally have enough room to open up that painting easel? 

Most people could use a little breathing room in their homes for activities. This can sometimes mean having to resort to moving heavy or clunky pieces like couches or coffee tables to accommodate a 30 minute home workout. That can be considered exercise in itself! 

Stylish and practical home decor and furnishings are the solution to saving space and cutting down on clutter. As the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright so eloquently stated, “Form follows function — that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.”

Can’t argue with one of the greats. 

There are two main places in a home where space can be reclaimed — on the floors and the walls. Below you’ll find a round-up of furnishings and decor that combine form and function, giving you back the extra square-footage that’s been hiding right under your nose. It is truly the best of both worlds. 

For The Floor 

The items that take up the most floor space are a natural place to start the process, but maximizing a floor plan doesn’t mean sticking to a minimalist design. There are plenty of high-style, statement pieces that provide secret storage while performing double duty. 

Cabinet with Fold-Away Desk

(Credit: Resource Furniture)

Working from home has become a norm for many this year. Finding a designated space for office work is a challenge, but resigning yourself to a corner of the dining room table won’t cut it for productive remote employment. 

One chic and smart fix is a folding desk that doubles as storage. The Home Office Sideboard from Resource Furniture is a versatile and compact cabinet that’s ideal for creating a home office space. A door on the front of the unit folds down into a sturdy desk. It also features a closed cabinet below the desk and an open bookcase above. 

Murphy Bed

The Murphy bed has come a long way since its invention more than a century ago. Once a sitcom staple worthy of comedic value, the modern-day wall bed is widely considered one of the most chic, space-saving furnishings available, according to The Wall Street Journal

In the article, New York designer Alan Tanksley is quoted as saying that when he introduces the idea with clients, “I start off by saying ‘Don’t fire me, keep your mind open! How about using a bed that folds down?’” He is met with a positive response. 

Murphy beds can quickly transform spaces. They allow sparsely used rooms to become home gyms or playrooms, or simply provide extra living space. Some Murphy bed models, like the Lori Bed, can double as a bookshelf or shelving unit in the upright position. 

Nesting Tables 

(Credit: Joss + Main)

Nesting tables that fit inside each other are a great way to save space while still having functionality at your fingertips.

This 3-piece Leblanc C Table Nesting Tables from Joss + Main is crafted with solid fir in black steel frames for a modern two-tone contrast. Pull one up to your sofa and rest your laptop down for work or use it as a side table. Bonus: The set arrives fully assembled.

Extendable Dining Table 

(Credit: All Modern)

Love to entertain friends and family, but don’t always have use for a dedicated dining table? A drop-leaf option is the perfect compromise. 

The Korey Drop Leaf Dining Table from All Modern is a great example. It features two drop leaves, one on each long side of the table. Drop one leaf and push it against the wall to create a work station, or drop both to use the table as a TV stand or storage shelf. When it is time to eat, the table opens all the way to sit guests comfortably. 

For The Walls 

Paintings and pictures are not the only ways to spruce up the walls. There are pretty and practical pieces that not only save space on the floor, but also add personality to a room, too. 

Floating TV Stand 

(Credit: Wayfair)

Move over floating shelves. Maximizing wall space just got a whole lot grander. Floating cabinets and TV stands are increasingly popular not only for their space-saving perks but also for their eye-catching style. 

This Keim Solid Wood Floating TV Stand from Wayfair comes with two open shelves that can accommodate all the TV, audio, and gaming essentials. Plus, the console has strategic holes designed for hiding messy cables. Crafted with solid oak wood, it fits TVs up to 70 inches. 

Accordion Rack

(Credit: Terrain) 

Parents know that without a dedicated spot for hanging coats and hats, they tend to end up on the floor. And in a tight entryway, the imposition of an old-school standing coat rack can only add to the clutter. 

Decidedly minimal, this rustic Zinco Accordion Rack from Terrian makes for a simple and chic addition to a mudroom or foyer. In true accordion fashion, it expands and contracts, allowing it to fit nicely on any wall. It features five hooks for hanging everything from baseball mitts to winter coats. Just grab and go. 

Wall-Mounted Shoe Bench

(Credit: Amazon)

Don’t track in mud on dirt across the floor. This smart wall-mounted shoe bench from Amazon gives you a convenient seat to put on or take off your shoes as soon as you walk in the door. Made from solid wood, the fold-up bench is durable and easy to install. 

Hanging Herb Planters 

(Credit: Birch Lane) 

If you’re strapped for outdoor space or simply want herbs at arm’s length, wall mounted planters are a functional and sophisticated solution. There are so many benefits to having greenery inside. 

Studies show houseplants can even combat loneliness and depression, according to NBC News. Still, clunky potted plants can often take up too much floor space for them to fit well inside a home. 

This 6-Piece Metal Wall Planter Set from Birch Lane is a great way to bring in the outdoors. The interior garden includes six galvanized metal wall pots for growing herbs or houseplants.

Today’s space-saving furnishings are so much more than floating shelves and under-the-bed storage. Modern design draws on combining form and function with chic, yet practical pieces that are one with the decor instead of an after-thought. From Murphy beds to floating TV stands, these pieces prove you don’t need to sacrifice style to maximize space. 

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