15 Best Examples of Lori Beds in Interior Design

15 Best Examples of Lori Beds in Interior Design

Lori Bed customers are taking their Murphy beds to the next level by adding custom upgrades to make their wall beds a part of their personal aesthetic. From adding lighting to applying wallpaper, here are 15 inspired Murphy bed designs created by real Lori Bed customers. 

Lori Beds in Interior Design

Incorporating a personal touch to your home decor is what makes a house feel like a home.  

Small updates, such as creating a statement-making gallery wall to showcase family photos or trading builder-grade fixtures for something more eye-catching, transform a ho-hum space into one that’s warm and personalized.

Murphy bed owners know the value of transformative furnishings. The fold-away bed frames make it easy to customize rooms to unlock maximum potential. Installing a Murphy bed allows an underused space to perform double duty as home gyms, offices, or even art studios — the potential is limitless with a little imagination.  

Lori Bed customers are taking their Murphy beds to the next level by adding custom upgrades to make their wall beds a part of their personal aesthetic. From adding lighting to applying wallpaper, here are 15 inspired Murphy bed designs created by real Lori Bed customers. 

An Attractive Solution   

Lori Beds in Interior Design

Like many Murphy bed users, Landon Poff needed his small space design to pull double duty.  

Once upon a time, I had a bedroom,” Poff explained. In this bedroom were my clothes, possessions, and place of slumber. Next door to my bedroom was a place of creativity and self-expression. They were both wonderful places that fulfilled very different parts of my life. Then one day, clouds descended on the path I was walking. I found myself with the need to combine those very different areas of my life into one. 

The Lori Bed Wall allowed Poff to combine those two vital areas of his lifesleep and creativity. Today, his single room serves as both a place for relaxation and for playing his guitar in peace.  

The Perfect Fit  

Lori Beds in Interior Design

Transforming an underused spare bedroom into a multifunctional space is a top reason for purchasing a Murphy bed. Laura Vernon hoped to create a three-in-one home office, home gym, and guest bedroom when she purchased a Lori Bed.  

She customized the exterior shelving with a clip-on keyboard tray that can be easily removed when the bed is lowered for sleep.   

I now have plenty of room for my home office and a nice place for yoga and just hanging out,” Vernon said. The quality is excellent and assembly was not that bad — especially with the how-to video. 

Today, Vernon’s spare bedroom is much more functional for daily use while still having a comfortable bed for guests to sleep. 

Dream Come True  

Lori Beds in Interior Design

Tina from Missouri is a creative woman who wanted her guest room to match her style. She selected a Lori Bed as a clever way to organize and reclaim her underused spare room as designated craft room 

[It] gave my craft room much more space,” Tina said. “[It’s] great for the 3-to-4 times a year I need a bed in there.” 

Tina put her personal stamp on the Lori Bed by covering the exterior shelving with white shiplap wallpaper. The easy-to-apply contact paper gave the space the custom feel Tina was looking for in her design.  

Perfect Home Office 

Murphy bed in interior design 

Kayleigh Trombly-Kall purchased the unfinished LoriBed to convert small and rarely used guest room into her dream home office.  

Trombly-Kall and her husband put their spin on the queen size Murphy bed by staining the frame a natural wood tone and mounting personalized artwork that incorporated pops of eye-catching blue to compliment the rest of the space.  

“So happy to have my work space and also have the ability to convert it back to a guest room when needed,” Trombly-Kall said.  “Such a well-made product compared to other ones I was looking at before making my purchase!” 

Studio Apartment Solution 

murphy bed wall bed design example

Designing a studio apartment can be challenging. Space limitations can sometimes cramp your style. Customer Cynthia Higgins proves that high-function and high-design can co-exist even is the coziest of homes.  

“This wall bed is solid with a simple design,” Higgins said. “It was the piece that turned this studio into a stylish, fun and functional studio apartment.” 

Higgins made the space her own by adding artwork to the wall where the Murphy bed is mounted. When the bed is folded down, it showcases the art, making the space feel distinct.  

I love that there are no mechanical parts to deal with,” Higgins said. It is a great solution for someone that may have a small studio or condo. Unlike other wall beds, this one could be moved.   

A Custom Design   

murphy bed interior design

After a lot of research, Robert selected a Lori Bed to transform a seldom used second bedroom into a functional office space that could still sleep guests when needed 

"I really liked the simplicity and all wood construction,” Robert said. 

Robert chose the unfinished model, which he was easily able to prime and paint white to match the light and airy aesthetic of the room.  

Bar & Grill Theme  

wall bed interior design

The sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing your Murphy bed. Just ask Elaine Rotelli! Rotelli made the most of her one-bedroom, 720-square-foot vacation home in Tahoe Keys Marina with her Lori Bed.  

Using eye-catching paint and a couple of shelf height bar stools, Rotelli seamlessly incorporated her wall bed into a pub-themed dining room. The exterior shelving is now the perfect height to pull up a seat and sip a cocktail in style, and the best part:  

Now we can host guests comfortably,” she said. “We love this product.”  

Finished to Your Liking   

interior design murphy bed

Murphy beds are a statement piece in more ways than one. In the case of April Ohr, her Lori Bed is a true piece of art. She purchased the unfinished model so she could torch, stain and finish the frame to her liking. Yes, you read that right, torch.  

Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient Japanese method that translates to “the art of preserving and finishing wood using fire.” The process is incredibly effective for achieving a unique, distressed look that will become the statement piece of any room. 

I was very overwhelmed when I started opening the boxes,” Ohr said. After bringing all pieces into the spare room and watching the video it was not that complicated. I love the fact it didn't cost me an arm and a leg to get a bed that suited my needs. 

Wine Bar in Guest House  

wall bed interior design examples

A Murphy bed was the perfect solution for this humble guest home. Rene Rutledge and her husband wanted their guest suite to also serve as an entertainers’ paradise.  

The fold away Lori Bed transformed the bonus space into a luxurious wine bar. The couple wallpapered the exterior and added bar stools that come to shelf-height for a custom look.   

We love the shelves,” Rutledge said. “Perfect for our wine and entertaining.”  

An Artist’s Oasis   

murphy bed design

Artist Kim has an eye for design. It’s no surprised that she transformed her Lori Bed with a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. The wall bed gives Kim the space she needs to create while still having the guest bedroom she needs for family.  

“The Lori Bed is in my art studio, and the shelves are perfect for holding supplies and displaying artwork,” she said. “We wanted to have another queen bed for those occasions when the kids and grandkids are visiting.” 

In addition to painting the bed frame white, Kim also lined the bottom sections with a fun blue and white wallpaper, which gives the closed bed pizzazz 

A Dressed up Spare Room   

murphy bed closet

One of the great benefits of a Murphy bed is that it allows one room to serve many purposes. Fashion lover Samantha saw the Lori Bed as the perfect way to create the closet of her dreams in an underused guest room 

I wanted to change my spare room into a dressing/workout room but still needed a guest bed —we live in Vegas so someone always wants to visit,” she explained. I put this together and installed it completely by myself. 

Samantha opted for the unfinished Lori Bed. She elevated the look by adding a sophisticated removable wallpaper to complete the luxurious dressing room feel.  

Beautiful Statement Piece 

murphy bed wall bed design examples

Brittany Summerlin and her husband don’t consider themselves particularly handy, but you’d never be able to tell by the way they customized their Lori Bed.  

The couple spent the day together, installing and finishing their wall bed to create the multifunctional spare room they’ve been wanting.  

We decided to stain the bed a subtle navy — something we've never done before, and the color turned out a bold blue,” Summerlin said. It looks great. We are happy and it was a nice way to spend time together.” 

A Whole New Light   

best murphy bed design

Nancy Green and her husband were scouring the internet for the right Murphy bed when they discovered the perfect fit in Lori’s vertical twin wall bed 

The size was right and the couple stepped up the aesthetic with a custom paint job and by hanging artwork. Green’s husband also installed inlaid lighting to make the Murphy bed even more functional for their needs.   

It was a perfect fit for where we wanted to put it,” Green said. “I am so pleased and love it.” 

Custom Cabinets  

murphy bed designs

Chris Doerr wanted an all-wood Murphy bed for a good reason. A wall bed made from solid wood with no particle board would not only last, but it would also allow him to custom the look with ease.  

Doerr and his husband also didn’t want to spend thousands on a Murphy bed, which is why they selected the unfinished It was the best of both worlds.  

The couple assembled the bed in one afternoon and then took their time sanding, priming and painting the cabinets for a look all their own. Doerr completed the custom design by adding faux wood grain vinyl wrap to the bottom half of the exterior 

We think it turned out great,” Doerr said. We are going to hang some framed pictures on it and use liquid nails so they will stay on even when the bed goes down. We are very pleased. 

Beautiful and Well Built  

Lori Bed design

A little paint can go a long way in changing the look and feel of a room. That is true not just for wall color, but furniture, too. Linda Croll from New York tailored her vertical queen/full Lori Bed with a powdered blue paint and silver accessories.  

I was very impressed with how well the bed is designed and all the pieces are very sturdy and go together well,” Croll said. “I loved that I could design it to match the room and it is so high quality that I think it will far outlive some of the more expensive Murphy beds I was considering online.” 

Croll has already received several compliments on the wall bed as a shelving unit.  

As these projects suggest, making the most of your Lori Bed is as much about showcasing your personality as it is about maximizing function. Let these Murphy bed upgrades serve as design inspiration. 

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