How To Optimize Space For An Airbnb

How To Optimize Space For An Airbnb

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Using Airbnb and other vacation rental sites with a room in your home or a backhouse is a great way to bring in extra income. But transforming a small space into a functional one that feels larger than it is can be difficult.

But don’t worry. We’ve got several specific ideas for how you can easily make the most of your Airbnb rental to give guests the vacation of their dreams.

Keep Things Organized

Clutter is not your friend, especially when it comes to creating more space within your Airbnb rental. The more organized you can keep things, the better. But sometimes putting household items in a proper place can be tricky. This is where using storage baskets that stack vertically can be helpful. For example, instead of tossing a bunch of towels and toiletries in a closet, try placing everything in stackable bins. This makes important bath items easy to find and eliminates the need for guests to go rummaging around closets.

The kitchen is another space that tends to be used often in Airbnbs but can get disorganized quickly. The key to keeping it easy for guests to find things is to make the cookware visible. Hang the pots and pans if possible, and keep the cooking utensils on the counter in a large mason jar.

Your Airbnb will feel much more spacious and decluttered if everything your guests need is in an obvious, sensible location.

Use Multi-Functional Furniture

You’re setting yourself up for success when you use furniture with a dual purpose. The best example is a Murphy bed. Since a Murphy bed can easily fold up during the day and fold down at night, you get more space where you need it most. These space-savers are crafted for the ultimate level of efficiency with a modern aesthetic and flawless design.

Add Mirrors to Walls

This is an easy way to expand any room. Have a small guest bedroom? Or a tiny living room? Add a large mirror or two on the walls, which will instantly transform the room into feeling much larger than it is. You can also place large mirrors on closet doors or in the bathroom to create a more open space.

Use Color

Just like with mirrors, color is a wonderful way to play tricks on the eyes and make rooms appear larger than they are. But adding color doesn’t need to involve getting out the paint brushes. There are much simpler ways to incorporate beautiful colors into a space - You could add brightly colored fresh flowers (such as sunflowers) for short weekend stays, add a boldly colored sofa such as deep turquoise or marigold, or add lamps that have a contrasting color to them when compared to the remainder of the room. Be careful not to add too much color as that can be overwhelming and creates a sense of clutter. Instead, pick one or two items to go bold with and leave the rest as is.

Less is More

You might feel like you need to fill every ounce of empty space in your Airbnb…but don’t. A common pitfall of first-time vacation rental landlords is putting too many furniture pieces in a room - a chair in every corner, a sofa along that wall, plants under windows. While the intention might be nice, it’s a sure way to completely crowd the space. Select a few staples and stick with that. For example, if you have a small living room, just use one sofa, one small coffee table, and maybe one very lush, green plant next to the door. Maybe place a lap blanket on the sofa to give it a warmer feel rather than throwing in more furniture. For tight bedrooms, stick with a nice large bed with two nightstands and lamps.

When it comes to following the less is more tip, the beauty is in the details (hence the lap blanket). The bed should be incredibly comfortable, the sofa top-of-the-line (without breaking the bank, of course). If you’re only having a few staple pieces in each room, make them count.

Keep the Essentials, Avoid Everything Else

Similar to the above, you only need to have the essential items. French presses and other modern coffee makers, as well as quality coffee and tea, are essential. A cupboard crowded with thirty coffee mugs is not. A few pots and pans for cooking are a must-have, along with some plates, cups, and utensils (again, there’s no need to go overboard with these items). You also don’t need to have every appliance available to guests. Other essential items are most likely going to be one or two durable chef’s knives, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, two or three towels per guest, and toilet paper. Think ahead of what guests absolutely need and what they do not want to run out of during their stay.

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