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The Lori Bed (Mechanized)The Lori Bed (Mechanized)
The Lori Bed (Mechanized)
Sale priceFrom $2,449

9 colors available

The Lori Wall Bed #color_paintreadyLori Bed - Queen Vertical Murphy Bed
The Lori Bed
Sale priceFrom $1,199

4 colors available

The Lori MattressThe Lori Mattress
The Lori Mattress
Sale priceFrom $895
The Furphy Bed BundleThe Furphy Bed Bundle
The Furphy Bed Bundle
Sale priceFrom $399

3 colors available

Two women doing yoga in a tiny house with a murphy bed

Transform Any Room

The Lori Bed embraces transformation. Typical habitats for our Murphy Bed include your home office, your home gym, your creative space, your child’s playroom, or your lounge and sanctuary. Wherever your imagination takes you, the Lori Bed will follow.

A family of 4 laying on a Murphy bed

Save Space In Style

Our Murphy Bed is purposeful, yet elegant; functional, yet sophisticated; practical, yet distinguished. The Lori Bed is where tradition meets taste.

The Lori Bed in Action

Two people relaxing on a Murphy bed

Smarter design, less parts, less labor, and no specialty power tools required.
That’s the Lori Bed formula for quick and painless assembly.

Cloudy forest and The Eden Projects logo

How we give back

Every Lori Bed bought is ten trees planted. To date, with your help, our Murphy Beds have resurrected over 50 acres of Mangrove forests in the most impoverished areas of our beautiful planet.

Click below to learn more about our partnership with ‘The Eden Projects’ and Lori’s commitment to long-term sustainability and environmental progress.